Galerie Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball Book Salon

Origin artist books and performances
From February to April 2021

The GCB Book Salon – Collage von Lydia Karstadt, 2021

The Crystal Ball Book Salon features original book art, artists’ books and performances. The salon has a fireplace, a carpet and comfortable seating on which you can rest in a pleasant atmosphere and look at the artistically designed books. You can visit the salon individually or by household, according to the currently valid hygiene rules. Virtually, we show you here, the performances of the participating performance artists recorded in the salon.

Francoise Cactus, Gabi Garland, Elke Graalfs, Henrik Jacob, Manfred Kirschner, Pia E. van Nuland, Gabriele Regiert, Berit Schneider, Frank Schoppmeier, Veronika Schuhmacher, Tamara Trölsch & Treuka, Oliver Voigt und weitere

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