Galerie Crystal Ball

ERDEN. Naturphilosophische Brocken – Book launch

Within Apfelmus/ 16 years of Crystal Ball
Friday, 3th February at 7.30 pm

Erden-Buchcover, (using an image of Elisabeth von Samsonow, Geo Psyche Backup System, Tempera on canvax, 2021)

Extraction regimes, elective affinities, bodily juice analyses, alternative epistemologies of nature: Volume 45 of “Schriften zur Verkehrswissenschaft”, edited by Ivo Gurschler, Andreas Hofbauer, and Alexander Klose, gathers “necessarily fragmentary advances for thinking about nature in times of crisis “

Theory formation turns again to a sphere which, for lack of another term, continues to be called nature. At the same time, nature returns in the form of floods, droughts, and storms in an ever more urgent way, and people increasingly learn to understand themselves as earthlings. Under these circumstances, radical gestures of decentering into terrestrial constellations emerged as new forms of thinking about nature. The volume collects such, in their totality necessarily fragmentary, advances as four – thrown on the earth and into the unknown – nature-philosophical chunks.

Presentations, projections and audience discussion by and with the authors Salome Rodeck, Tom Turnbull and Daniel Tyradellis, the artist Jenny Michel, the composer Konstantin Schimanowski as well as the editors Andreas L. Hofbauer, Alexander Klose and possible surprise guests.

Followed by the Crystal Ball Bar and record music by dj.Catastrophé

Jenny Michel 2017 Museum Wiesbaden/Bernd Fickert

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