Galerie Crystal Ball

Fuck Your Selfie! # 2 – Portraitsalon

7. May 2016 – 2-7 p.m., opening on May 2, 2016. May at 2 p.m.
curated by Lydia Karstadt and Julia Psilitelis

Lydia Karstadt, It’s All Me- Car Portrait, Paper on Canvas, 2016

Again, the Original!  because of the amazing success In May we paint your dadaistic, expessionictic, surrealistic portrait! Fuck Your Selfie, Volume 2. is an open communicative studio project. Artists, visitors and spectators get together in an interactive process at the in- and outdoor space c/o Crystal Ball. You can join the project or/and you are able to get a personal artistic portrait in your beloved style of one of the particpating artists. FYS #2 gives origin alternatives against maniac selfreflection and egomanic tendencies in social life.

With: Ioana Alexe, Jim Avignon, Francoise Cactus, Elke Graalfs, Maike Hartwig, Mareike Hube, Lydia Karstadt, Jenny Löbert, Rudi Paris, Gabriele Regiert, Gabriele Regiert, Inhalt & Sinn, Veronika Schumacher, Berit Schneider, Annette Stemmann, Heike Walter, Gisela Wrede and many more artists

Fuck your Selfie - 2 Gallery Crystal Ball
Fuck your Selfie , Portrait Service, Crystal Ball, (Portrait/Ioana Alexe)

Crystal Ball – Baustellenflohmarkt

The legendary summer: Crystal Ball Construction Site Flea Market – fashion & music -On Saturday, 15. August 2015 from 12 a.m. to 12 p.m.
with Berit, Betty, Caroline, Frank, Igor, Baustelle, Manfred, Tuddl and much more…

Crystal Ball Construction Site Flea Market

Finally, after all, a few months with our fascinating changing installation in front of the gallery we subsecently want to pay homage to the construction. You are invited to our construction-fleahmarket performance.

Crystal Ball Construction Site
Appreciation of the construction site

Fuck Your Selfie! #1 – Portraitsalon

We paint your cubistic/ dadaistic/ expressionistic portrait !

We paint your cubistic/ dadaistic/ expressionistic portrait !
Exhibition opening with art action – Artists of the Gallerie
Sat21. June 2015 at 4 p.m..

Visit the portrait service until 26. June: daily 4-8 p.m.
on Friday, 26. June to 10 p.m., last day with big portrait circus!

FYS – Edition1

Forget about Selfies! Crystal Ball is offering an artistic portrait service. The contributing artists will create your personal cubistic, expressionistic or dadaistic portrait at the gallery. Besides the different measurements of the offered paintings perfectly fit in every trolley size.
The 5 day project is curated by Julia Psilitelis and Manfred Kirschner and feature the work of artists, such as: Ionana Alexe, Jim Avignon, Kolja Burmester, Françoise Cactus, Elke Graalfs, Maike Hartwig, Mareike Hube,  Lydia Karstadt, Vera Kino, Berit Schneider, Veronika Schumacher, Juwelia St. St., Annette Stemmann, Heike Walter, Gisela Wrede and more.

Salon Weirauch

Salon Weirauch c/o Crystal Ball
Salon Weirauch c/o Crystal Ball

In April 2016, Salon Weirauch will be a guest at Crystal Ball. The salon provides artistic and playful support for our future. Participating artists are Elke Graalfs, Frank Schoppmeier, Veronika Schumacher, Silke Thoss and others.

jesusboutique – The Collection

The collection, Performance on 10. January 2015 at 7 p.m.

The collection Jesusboutique Galerie Crystal Ball Berlin Manfred Kirschner
Frank Schoppmeier, Manfred Kirschner, Collection
The Collection, Jesusboutique, Berlin, January 2015

On the 10th. On January 1, Jesusboutique presents a fashion performance for visual arts at the Crystal Ball.

Die unterirdische Galerie – Sieben Jahre Crystal Ball

Seven Years of Crystal Ball – Artists of the Galleries – in the underground gallery

Opening of the exhibition on Friday, 17. October at 8 p.m., performances by Lydia Karstadt, Matthias Wyder

Underground Gallery


  • Fridays from 7 p.m. to midnight: silverdiscotheque Performance Programming & Food
  • Fri.24.10. Shellak Discotheque with Pretzel Göring and Francoise Cactus, Mireille & Matthieu: public rehearsal for P.I.B.
  • Fri.31.10. Trio Surprise, Performance and Potato Soup
  • Fri. 7. 11. -fails – (rail strike)
  • Fri. 14.11. Patricia Lippert: The Eternal Return of the Carrot, Lecture and Artist Talk, Underground Performance/ Lydia Karstadt
  • Fri. 21.11. Senor Depressivo, the November & DJ Catastrophé & edible poems by M. Kirschner
  • Sat. 10.1.2015 Jesusboutique/ future art fashion performance

Taking its title from the science fiction novel of the same name, Crystal Ball presents in october, “the subterranean gallery.” For its seventh anniversary, Manfred Kirschner, visual artist and gallery director of Crystal Ball has curated a futuristic salon. Bringing together artists from Berlin, Bremen, Basel and Sao Paulo. The exhibition is focused on the future of art and its production. As in Science Fiction, Crystal Ball speculates on the future forms of artistic creation through actual tendencies. The participating artists are invited to propose a vision through text, pictures and objects of a work of art, or its future conditions of production. The gallery space will be transformed into a silver futuristic salon wich only opens on friday, becomes the Silver Discotheque, hosting events, readings, performances and artist talks.Silver Discotheque; events, readings, performances and artist talks.

With Ioana Alexe, Jim Avignon, Francoise Cactus, Stefan Demming, Brezel Göring, Stephanie Hanna, Mareike Hube, Henrik Jacob, Lydia Karstadt, Karen Koltermann, Werner Kuhrmann, Jonathan Kroll, Patricia Lippert, Isolde Loock, Martin Löhr, Matthias Mayer, Stu Mead, Claudia Medeiros, Martin Mindermann, Pataphysisches Institut Basel, Veronika Schumacher, Frank Schoppmeier, Annette Stemmann, Zoe Thorne, Silke

Pataphysisches Institut Basel – UMO

Pataphysical Studies of 15 July 2014
Umossage on Fr. 25 July at 7 p.m.

Pataphysisches Institut Basel Galerie Crystal Ball
UMO Grußkarte, Pataphysisches Institut Basel

In the middle of Juli the 2013 founded Pataphysic Institute Basel is visiting Berlin and stops by at Crystal Ball gallery. For the tour via Schweden the institute uses its Ubomobile, short UMO, a mobile antiinstitutional social labratory base and vehikel. Pataphysic includes absurd settings, solutions for imaginary problems and actions that can´t be described or foreseen. Vistors of Umo and the Patphysic Institue are invited and very welcome to take part in the process. The Institute will open the doors from the 15th of Juli and show its results of the UMO Tour Stop Berlin on friday the 25th of Juli. For making contact please use the following UMO phone number: +49 152 3852 7186

UMO in Berlin Galerie Crystal Ball Berlin
UMO on Tour
… and what the taz wrote about us.

Kathi Kaeppel/ Jim Avignon – binary hulahoop

Opening of the exhibition on Wednesday, 30. April, 12 noon – 24 o’clock
Open: 1.5. – 4.5.2014, 12 – 20 o’clock; Pictoplasma and from 5.5. – 16.5.2014, Tue., Thu., Fri.: 2 – 7 p.m.
The presentation takes part in the Festival Pictoplasma    

binary hulahoop Gallery Crystal Ball

Berlin-based artists team up to show their very different work in kinetic installations. Kathi Kaeppel combines graphical forms familiar to the eye in a rhythmic counterpart to Jim Avignon’s more painterly works.  In Kathi Kaeppels work grafical basic forms conclude in innumerous combinations and harmonic colours. Every image is the result of a joyful play. The way to let the works move seems very logic.  Jim Avignons Oeuvre abound with productivity and a specific mutinous charm. The characters and sujets have an unadapted inspirational style, that is also independantly found in the performance works and projects of Jim Avignon.
The outcome, binary hula hoop, invites you on a lucid and lively journey through a world filled with colour and creatures en miniature. The Exhibition takes part in the yearly Festival Pictoplasma.

Heavy Rotation, Volume 1

Opening on Sun. 16. March from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. in the reception of Pension Berlin and Galerie Crystal Ball

The End Part One Sabine Wewer Manfred Kirschner
The End Part One – Sabine Wewer in The End #1, Baden 2014

With Heavy Rotation, Volume 1, Galerie Crystal Ball and Pension Berlin in Schönleinstraße are showing an installation video exhibition together. The format projects films and video works that have been shown either new, non-present, or rarely. In the first issue we show works by:

with: Sarah Björnsdéttir – Bonne Maman – Jesse Dell – Marco Goldenstein – Ronald Gonko – Elke Graalfs – Marcus Gryscok and Dirk Markham – Content & Sinn – Boris Jöns and Thorsten Schwarz – Manfred Kirschner – Kirsty Kross – Frank Schoppmeier – Juwelia St. St. – Sabine Wewer

Frank Schoppmeier
Farewell to yesterday, Frank Schoppmeier, photo

T.I.C. / Tourist Information Center

Opening with T.I.C. – Performance on Friday the 15th November at 8 p.m. to 8 p.m. December 2013

Attention- Leave West Berlin now, Jesusboutique,

with: Jim Avignon, Stefan Demming, Mel Garland & Luc Berger, Marco Goldenstein, Elke Graalfs, Maike Hartwig, Henrik Jacob, Jesusboutique, Juwelia, Manfred Kirschner, Kirsty Kross, Mandie Minx, Frank Schoppmeier, Annette Stemmann, Silke Thoss, Zoe Thorne and others.

Crystal Ball Gallery is transforming into a sociocritical tourist information and offers from ironical to political correct Berlin-Souvenirs of international artists in an all over installation.

Crystal Ball Berlin