Galerie Crystal Ball


Saturday the 21st Sept. 2013 at 8 p.m.
Exhibition opening with performances
Extended until 26. October, with Finissage at 8 p.m.

Francoise_Cactus_Acid_Girls Gallery Crystal Ball Berlin
Acid_Girls, Francoise Cactus

with: Francoise Cactus, Jule K., Stu Mead and Veronika Schumacher
Performances: The Anna Thompsons, dj vicious vroni and others

Against a pseudoliberal atmosphere, the exhibition „Monstergirls“ points out different contrary imaginations of the female sexual role and is backing to science fiction and horror films, inspired through personal and popcultural phenomena. The image of the girl seems in a society which spreads out over-individualised visions as a mass idol, increasingly dominated by an unrealistic egocentric stardom.

Firstly the idea of the equal status of women is fullfilled in it´s true realisation rather than in the promise that every girl can become a fotomodel or a popstar. The exhibition and the performances shift casually around these opinions and the spectrum of the works and techniques unite drawings, paintings, comic stills and performance art.

jesusboutique – Wenn wir tot sind

Opening on Thursday, 22 November at 3 pm
22.11.2012 – 10.1.2013

Jesus boutique

With their Christmas Show: “When we are dead” the artist collective “Jesusboutique” are creating an arbitrary presentation, ironically focused on new nerve-racking tendencies in art context. Jesusboutique will work as always on things they just want to do and the connected expactations with. There has been speculation that their first record will be published at the end of the show, January next year. We are most certainly excited for what they are going to hammer this time at Crystal Ball because that is said here could be different. In order of the concept the showing does not have regulary opening times – so give the gallery a call before or a knock on the door.

Komoteereeo – The Greek Hair cut

Opening on Fri. 27. April 2012 at 8 p.m.
with Greek delicacies and hair performances
27.04.2012 to 6.05 2012.
Exhibition and hair salon open daily from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Akis Akila Komoteereeo Hair Salon Gallery Crystal Ball
Akis Akila Komoteereeo Hair Salon

Komoteereeo Hair Salon : Katia – Hair by Akis Akila
Komoteereeo – The Greek Haircut

The gallery transformes into a hair-dressing salon. Young, talented Greek hair-dresser Akis Akila will be showing off
his skills on cutting and styling your hair, while you can enjoy a hair-themed exhibition illustrating the financial
crisis. At the same time, you´ll be able to taste traditional greek delicacies.

Participating artists:

Nina Byttebier, Marion Bösen, Die Tödliche Doris, Elke Graalfs, Henrik Jacob, Juwelia, Manfred Kirschner, Frank Schoppmeier, Rania Aravidou , Sabine Wewer, Silky,Veronika Schumacher and Tzortzis Tatavlalis .

Weihnachten mit den Beatles

Opening with performance on 16.12.2011 at 8 p.m.
Exhibition until January 6, 2012

White Christmas with the Beatles
White Christmas with the Beatles, Manfred Kirschner

A group exhibition with works by Nora Below, Marion Bösen, Elke Graalfs, Manfred Kirschner, Astrid Küver, Andreas Kotulla, Jörg Lange, Frank Schoppmeier, Veronika Schumacher, Line Wasner, Sabine Wewer, Ole Wulfers and others

The war of apples is over. Last year, Apple Records, the Beatles’ record company, and Apple Inc. finally agreed to the computer giant.  Apple Inc. at the time did not promise to distribute any music or artistic content under this company name.  But the changes the big apple designed became more extensive than was thought then. The regulation and its constant break now supported the unique gap and phenomenon, even in times of general retrieval and access: The Beatles and their music were not yet to be found on I-Tunes. Now
that this void has been filled peacefully, we are pleased to present artistic works on the Beatles at the Crystal Ball Gallery for the first time and especially at Christmas.

Deplacer – Deplatzieren

Opening of the exhibition at the Crystal Ball Gallery:
Sat. 1. October 2011 at 8 pm with a performance by Nicolas Puyjalon.

Attention: An exhibition in two locations. Palace of Culture Wedding International, opens the first part with performance on the previous day: Fr. the 30th September at 8 p.m.
The exhibitions are curated by Kurt Forever

deplacer deplatzieren Galerie Crystal Ball Berlin
deplacer deplatzieren, Galerie Crystal Ball Berlin

Group exhibitons/ participating artists:

  • Amélie Bertrand
  • Vincent Busson
  • Sarah Duby
  • Ariel Fleiszbein
  • Benoit Géhanne
  • Aurélie Godard
  • Flandin & Waré
  • Nicolas Puyjalon
  • Edgar Guilmoto

Roger Caillois notes the extreme case of these insects which, because they imitate so perfectly their habitat, end up disappearing completely in the uniformity of the same uninterrupted texture. Some will talk about tactic of predation or defence mechanism, but Caillois refutes this interpretation. He deduces: this mimicry aiming to decrease differences between the organism and his environment would actually cause a depersonalization – because an effective imitation can erase any variation or boundary from one to the other, the individual being resorbed in this surrounding space he wanted to merge with.

Caillois raises the question of the limit or outline; and against this radical ontological erasing of camouflage, he pleads in favour of dissimilarities. The animal mimicry, ultimate example of an ideal of harmonization between the figure and the background, points the risk of entropy. A solution: set against the laws of the semblance the effervescence of the irregularities. DEPLATZIEREN, to fight against this deletion of the distinctions which the repetition of the same generates. DEPLATZIEREN, so disorder and disruption can take shape. As metonymy, moving the value of the representations. And assert, beyond what conventions indicate as good shape or tolerate as manifest content, these incongruities – all these things which, precisely because they clash, also incite to reconsider connections and to open new fields.

Text written by Marion Delage de Luget

jesusboutique – Restposten aus Berlin

Opening on Friday, 19. November 2010 at 7 p.m.
only until Sunday, 21. November 2010, 10 pm

jesusboutique: Remaining posts from Berlin, autumn/winter 2010
Remaining items from Berlin, autumn/winter 2011

The artists of jesusboutique collected for more than one and a half year clothes which they found on the streets of Berlin. They cleaned and stored these safely. Now jesusboutique present their collection in a three day exhibition as a stock lot shop that ironically fits into the neighbourhood with its shops “Mode aus Paris” and “Restposten aus London”. Sometimes the found items are even coming from this extremely price reduced shops. Forced by the modern clothing industry, social and ecological exploitation produces as a side effect a current obsolescence that represents itself explicitly in its exercised throw-away mentality. In “Restposten aus Berlin” the significance and its depreciation get together in relation on each other in a changing room.jesusboutique presenting a gratis collection: The spring/summer, autumn/winter 2011!

jesusboutique Restposten from Berlin Galerie Crystal Ball Berlin

jesusboutique – All You Need Is Lost

27. August – 10. October 2010
Sa. 2. October: Long Night of Performance

jesus boutique all you need is lost
All you need is lost , Jesus Boutique:

The actions of the jesusboutique artists focus in their work political and social absurdity. In this relation they unmask the subjective as a reflection of an illusion and distortion of own sense. One could say in their installations and performances jesusboutique act as the narrative element in an apparently demystified outside world. So they offered the Temporäre Kunsthalle including the actual exhibition (curated by John Bock) and associated café and bookshop on the web site “immobilienscout24”. The hall that is to be finally closed and deconstructed on the 31st of august should be, according to the artist duo leaded to a wise aim. Through the fact of its actual installation the building features 3 attached floors with enough space to live. In case that it is to break away categorically, jesusboutique propose that the “Palast der Republik” should be reconstructed to stand as a steady spot for a Kunsthalle in Berlin. It is to fight against waste and hedonism. Political, Social and cultural disparities are to be dissolved. Art is to be dying says jesusboutique, while Jonathan Meese is proclaiming the revolution of it, they claim to release it from its sickness. From the 27th of august the actors of jesusboutique show “All You Need Is Lost” and fill the space with paintings, clothes and what they like to do, of Crystal Ball gallery in Kreuzberg. In winter the first record of jesusboutique will be released.

jesus boutique all you need is lost

In A Shadow Box (projected drawings)

Opening on Friday 12. February 2010 at 8 pm
February 12 – 20. March 2010

In his 1899 text “Screen Memory,” Sigmund Freud considers how memories are permeable and can be recalled in an altered state. The screen memory refers to the temporal separation between the consciousness and the object of memory. In 1925, Freud revisits this concept in “A Note on the ‘Mystic Writing Pad,’” in which he suggests a common children’s toy might be a metaphor for the way that memories accumulate in the mind. With the lifting of the transparent top page, figures are erased, and new drawings can be made; however, the pressure of the writer’s hand leaves behind traces, recorded on a medium just beneath this diaphanous surface. With reference to these ideas, the exhibition “In a Shadow Box” will transform the gallery space into a dark room for exploring the ontology of drawing. Like a shifting archive of images, unique drawings will appear and dematerialize into shadow and light through the media of transparency and glass. The viewer is invited to take part in an associative thinking process about the latent strategies of remembrance. Images will fluctuate upon the wall as if those imaginings of the mind, which Schopenhauer once described as a kind of cognitive projection, can be rendered ever more fleeting and ephemeral.

The Crystal Ball Ball

29. 11 – 31. 12. 2008
Friends/ artists of the gallery
Within the exhibition time there is the “Salon Arbiträr” with DJ Catastrophe every Friday from 8 pm

Zoe Thorne: Becks Gold

The third group exhibition of Crystal Ball associate artists of the program with good friends and companions of the gallery for a big versatile presentation of art works. The exhibition should help to secure the gallery work in the future. Parallel to this the “Circle of Friends Kristallkugel” is launched under the protectorate of Svea Lena Kutschke. I want to thank the artist who participate or donate their works for this presentation and all of the debut members of the Circle of friends Kristallkugel!

Participating artists are: Julia Baier, Norbert Bauer, Thomas Behling, Matthias Bösche, Marion Bösen, Francoise Cactus, Alexander Callsen, Stefan Demming, Marcia Farquhar, Anja Fußbach, Elke Graalfs, Marco Goldenstein, Christian Haake, Mareike Hube, Juwelia, Aylin Kayser, Andreas Kotulla, Ins A Kromminga, Max Müller, Wolfgang Müller, Astrid Küver, Jonathan Kroll, Monika Müller Kroll, Henrik Jacob, Michael Jungblut, Lydia Karstadt, Martin Löhr, Stu Mead, Kay Michalak, J. Maizlish Mole, Sugár Meliton, Flowrian Pauly,  Hannes Niepold, Veronika Schumacher, Alexander Steffens, Annette Stemmann, Zoe Thorne, Silke Thoss, Bob Tooke, Heike Walter, Barbara Wagner, Daniela Weber, Sabine Wewer, Ming Wong und weitere


13. 04. – 05. 05. 2007

In this exhibition, the Crystal Ball Gallery presents a selection of artistic positions on the theme of the end of the world. These artists associate the theme with the imagination of a global catastrophe as well as with personal ideas and their “signs” of an imminent ending visualized by conditioned viewing habits.

Ole Wulfers, Death Soup

Participating artists: Marion Bösen, Sara Björnsdéttir, Ben Cottrell, Stefan Demming, Marcia Farquhar, Anja Fussbach, Grell, Mareike Hube, Henrik Jacob, Andreas Kotulla, J. Maizlish Mole, Christ Off, Veronika Schumacher, Kinki Texas, Silke Thoss, Zoe Thorne, Sabine Wewer, Ole Wulfers

Crystal Ball Berlin