Galerie Crystal Ball

Stu Mead – Devil's Milk

11. 03. -11. 04. 2008

Portait by Marielle, Stu Mead, Painting

In his first exhibition at galerie Crystal Ball, the American painter Stu Mead, who lives in Berlin, shows current, sensitively made portraits. The artist chooses his models in the sense of completing his oeuvre and with this strategy is completely in the tradition of old masters. In addition to these surprisingly silent works, a selection of the artist’s erotic series of works is also represented.

With the stylistic means of pictorial ideas, which are partly reminiscent of a pictorial world of wit and erotic leaves of the 1950s, Stu Mead interpolates and provokes our own way of looking at it in detail, thereby debunking the voyeuristic view of our gaze.

Crystal Ball Berlin