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Galerie Crystal Ball/ Capital and canned meat by Frank Schoppmeier

Crystal Ball opened in March 2007 and was directed by the artist and curator Manfred Kirschner until mid-2016. From mid-2016 the gallery will be managed by Lydia Karstadt with the same positioning. The exhibitions and projects are partly realized by her, and often in cooperation with other artists, curators and scientists. In the exhibitions Crystal Ball shows positions and works in which a personal style, performance and strategy play an important role. In addition, the program shows works that deal with reproductive techniques in an unusual way and stage them in relation to space. Crystal Ball pursues a personal responsible and exclusive style of transporting and communicating artistic and time-critical content. Crystal Ball organizes salons, features or even changes its identity in the process.

The special thing about Crystal Ball, apart from her wonderful artists, may be her self-assertion, her critical independence, which does not submit to any usual common categories. Crystal Ball is here and now. She refuses categories and hierarchical definitions such as “underground” and works frankly on the meaning and change of a new gallery concept. One goal is the presence of a responsible and cultural participation; never mere criticism, but lustful action, realized conviction! Free space, utopian sphere, material and communicative tool. Crystal Ball is a work of art and can be changed and used in all possible ways. It is not off but on.

Lydia Karstadt, June 2016, Berlin

Komoteereeo – Galerie Crystal Ball, 4/2012, Berlin

Crystal Ball Berlin