Galerie Crystal Ball

Exhibit formats

The Book Salon shows origin art books and performances

Fuck your Selfie is the annual portrait salon festival of the Crystal Ball gallery. The visitors are portrayed in a variety of avant-garde ways by the teams of artists present. The pleasant creative working atmosphere is accompanied by live performances and musical contributions.

Komoteereo is a Greek hairdressing salon and workplace for a hairdresser in times of financial crisis organized by artists.

Superolive/ Supermarche combines urban art and agricultural food. In accumulation, seemingly trivial circumstances are placed in the complex interrelationships in the context of a sustainable social economy.e production of food.

Der Club der Vorleser has already been a guest of the Crystal Ball gallery twice and we think it has earned a firm place in our Olympus of formats. The principle: Actors read a book when called! Just as they like it.

Café Tasse/ Café Unst are café productions that paraphrase and change their direct surroundings, attitudes and consumer behaviour by means of classification and mimicry

Already a few times the turntable has turned because of our Bicicletta Disko Service. Climate neutral disco promise invites you to join in.

Jesusboutique is an artist duo that investigates and intervenes social phenomena in exhibition concepts and artworks.

Group exhibitions (selection)

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