Galerie Crystal Ball

Mongolei – Bilder / Texte / Musik & Autodidaktischer Oberton Workshop


Samstag, 27. Januar 2018 ab 19:00
19:00 Autodidaktischer Oberton-Workshop mit Stefan Ruf
20:30 MONGOLEI – Bilder / Texte: Georg Jansen, Sound & Musik: Max Jansen
21:30 Obertonchor

Photo: Georg Jansen, 2017 

During two longer journeys of Georg Jansen in Mongolia, photos and texts have been created that look at the country and its (few) people from a subjective point of view. Since his return, the author has been trying to put the observations in order and continue writing the texts in order to arrive at a larger picture under the guiding questions: What moves Mongolia today? Is there a zeitgeist in Mongolia? How does the country behave in the age of global consumerism?

Audio sample from the overtone choir after the workshop 


Based on the motto: I can do that too! Stefan Ruf, after a short preparation period, gives an idea of how to shape the articulation apparatus in oder to bring to sound some overtones.

Manfred Kirschner – Plastik Revue

Plastic Revue, opening on Sun. 26th. January at 6 p.m.
Galerie M, Marzahner Promenade 46, 12679 Berlin

Plastic Revue Manfred Kirschner
Plastik Revue, Manfred Kirschner, Installation

The work of Manfred Kirschner is characterized by its conscious diversity. Often the expectations and the relationship of the artist to the audience, the subject of the works in the fields of drawing, video, painting and performance. Since 2009, M.K. a new emphasis on painting, in which, in addition to colours and glitter, collage, quotations and language are used laconically and arrogantly. Many of the paintings have painted eyes and their titles are looking for the “conversation”. It is always about the anerite and the moment of the viewer’s reception. In the presentation for Gallery M, Kirschner refers to the local shopping center “Eastgate”. In a world increasingly full of plastic, his installation humorously asks about our needs, our future lives, and puts painting and video in context with a spatial installation of various plastic bags from around the world that cover the gallery’s walls like a color-intensive collage. At the opening, Kirschner will also present a performance on the topic of shopping: The Miracle Of Shopping. At the finissage at the end of March, the title-giving “Plastik Revue” will start, with performances and musical performances by fellow artists by Manfred Kirschner.

Pension Berlin – Eröffnung

Pension Berlin, Tel: 0176 – 78518421
Opening Sat. 10. Dez. 2011

Opening Pension Berlin Frank Schoppmeier
Pension Berlin, Frank Schoppmeier

Frank Schoppmeier worked at Pension Berlin this year. On Saturday, the 10th December we celebrate the official opening of the guesthouse with two exhibitions: the picture shop by Annette Stemmann and Discosee by Manfred Kirschner. The wonderful Miss Laura Bean plays an exclusive swing set on this occasion!

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