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Christine Schulz – Gedankenturm III

Opening Reception Sat. January 6th, 2024

Until february 9th., irregurlarly & by appointment
visible daily, from 7- 10 pm from outside

Christine Schulz – Gedankenturm III, Worpswede, 2022

The artist Christine Schulz has already created two installations under the title “Gedankenturm” (Tower of Thoughts), which very effectively combine images, objects and projections into a whole using the techniques of collage and consciously evoke associations. In Christine Schulz’s installations, the respective location always occupies an important position; the architecture is part of the work and gives space to the images and, above all, the light images. Light and illumination, the illuminated and object-like image in connection with its reflection, physically or in terms of content, are important design features of the artist’s work.

Movement is now added in Gedankenturm II and III. Despite the solid, profound materials used, Christine Schulz is not interested in conveying a single fixed message. On the contrary, through the fleeting and chronologically varying style of her buildings, she keeps the eye on connections and contexts of meaning that take us along as viewers in an open form. The poetic title: Tower of Thought already gives a hint. Can we pile up thoughts? Perhaps this is how it should be understood; the thoughts and ideas that we build on top of each other result in a construct of argumentation and chains of evidence, realities. A kind of ideal building that results from our perceptions. But is this not the danger of failure? Isn’t this precisely why we are threatened with the collapse of our constructions that we thought were safe? The artist Christine Schulz playfully makes this invisible structure visible to us in her installations by simultaneously relativizing it. She combines and assembles universals, objects, images and apparent trifles to create a living space. Originals and representatives of our world interact with each other through light, position, reflection and mirroring. She sets an airplane in motion, brings our sun, the star that sustains us, into the exhibition space and relates it to the projection of empty Coke bottles, a tinsel curtain in front of steel pipes and other objects. On the one hand, it is possible to enter this narrative landscape and its changing perspectives, to wander through it mentally. On the other hand, we can see the construction plan shining through in this suspension of opposites, i.e. the oscillation of our perception between poetics and a neutral view. In this way, we see both the world presented to us and the thoughts that create it. In the construction of reality, we discover a cycle, a complex network of relationships that can be both poetically and intellectually illuminating.

Piece Shop

8.12. – 31.12. 2023 open by appointment

Der Piece Shop und das saisonale, wechselnde Schaufenster dazu.

At first glance, the shop window of the Piece Shop looks like a romantic winter cliché. However, the artificial snow is made from shredded bank statements from the gallery and the works and offers on display subtly indicate that something is not quite right here or what it seems. An exhibition that only works at second glance. Lydia Karstadt and Gabriele Regiert have created two new screen print editions for the changing installation.

In the Piece Shop we are showing works by: Henrik Jacob, Miriam Jadischke, Vikenti Komitski, Andreas Kotulla, Sigrun Paulsen, Gabriele Regiert, Silky, Caren Sielaff and other artists.

It all began with the first “Prêt á Manger” edition, which Gabriele Regiert designed especially for the Crystal Ball in 2017. Still an absolute bestseller today. In the meantime, the crispbread
has to be ordered abroad. Around 80 small beads are then also worked into the low points of the bread slice. Signed on the back with the artist’s nail polish, they are framed in the exhibition space. The last examples of the serial unique pieces now cost 140 plus shipping.
Now, however, Lydia Karstadt & Gabriele Regiert have started a brand new series: There will be the official Prêt á Manger T Shirt ! (Price: 90,- €) After some refinements in the production technique, because we are now really approaching the Prê á porter with the sewing on of the beads, we are going into production from today. 🙂 Pre-orders possible! The edition is for the benefit of the exhibition space and the artist.

In addition to the new Pret â Mànger Edition, Lydia Karstadt offers the exceptional I- Shirt. Alongside the I Phone and I Pad, this is an indispensable, electronic-free accessory. The portrait of one of her eyes is transferred to her T-shirt.
The store is open on Fri. Dec. 8 and Sat. Dec. 9 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and afterwards by appointment.

Zugvögel Ensemble invites you to: ˈpælɪmpsest

Performance – free improvisation
Friday, 11/24/2023
ˈpælɪmpsest I: 7 p.m.
ˈpælɪmpsest II: 8 p.m

With ˈpælɪmpsest, the Zugvögel ensemble creates another world from the vibrations of their gut- and swarm intelligence after “Analogschatten” and “Träumen mit Bäumen”. Be a witness, be welcome.

On November 24, the Zugvoegel-Ensemble will land in the Crystal Ball with their new discursive performance “ˈpælɪmpsest”. They will be accompanied by discarded furs, whose immanent inscriptions will inevitably bring their own readings to the game.

On Friday 11/24/2023 there will be two free improvisations that will develop out of the moment.
Afterwards, the players will be happy to talk to the audience. Admission is half an hour before the start at 6.30 p.m.

Zentrale Verwaltung – Nobert Bauer & Ralf Tekaat

Opening Reception: Sat. 23rd of September, 7pm

Zentrale Verwaltung – performative Reading, Friday, 13. Okt., 9pm

until Sat. 11. November 2023

Zentrale Verwaltung – Norbert Bauer / Ralf Tekaat, Ausstellungsdetails, Herbstausstellung Kunstverein Hannover 2022

Administrations create an idealized, formalized version of other areas of social life.
social life. They express the processes there in numbers, ratios, procedures, or regulations, and at the same time have an effect on them. Administration and reality generate each other, but are not congruent.
The work Zentrale Verwaltung by the artists Norbert Bauer and Ralf Tekaat deals with institutions and forms of expression of an “administered world”: Authorities, forms, documents, service instructions, organization charts, administrative buildings, etc. are as familiar as they are incomprehensible as constitutive elements of social life. The artists attempt to express this ambivalent relationship in their collaboration with the means of drawing. The aim of the series is not to create clarity, but to get lost in corridors, service rooms, outbuildings, regulations, optimization strategies and responsibilities.
So far, the Central Administration series consists of 270 drawings in A4 format. Zentrale Verwaltung continues to grow and has so far been shown in exhibitions in Hamburg at the Nachtspeicher, in Bremen at the Güterbahnhof in the art associations of Speyer, Hannover and Fischerhude. This summer she has now been awarded the Heitland Foundation Prize. The multi-part work reflects and evokes, in addition to its free representational force virtuously, the sensitivities associated with bureaucratic and administrative processes. Emotions lurk in the rows of leaves; indeed, the central administration, with its conceptual, cooperative strategy, quite aptly bundles social as well as personal situations of the viewer. With just one, or even several Di A 4 drawings, the whole drama of a stressful tax settlement, the despair in the face of a nerve-racking ink-guzzling printer, or other existentially stressful stories can be told. But at the same time, because it is bold and free-associated, Central Administration relieves us and we can smile again and distinguish, because really existential, administration is not.

/Performance Summer/ Veronika Dobers: Gesang des Großen Enttäuschten and The Story of Blue, Red and Yellow – Sigrun Paulsen & Manfred Kirschner

Vernissage with performance on Friday, September, 1st, 7 p.m.

Exhibition to Sun. 15th Sept. 2023
Tue. & Fri.: 2 p.m. - 7 p.m., Fri.
and by appointment
Veronika Dobers: Der Gesang des Großen Enttäuschten

With her performance “Song of the Great Disappointed” Veronika Dobers satirically addresses the position of man as the supposedly highest evolved living being. The creator of the world, however, doubts his work, which should culminate in the creation of man. (V.D.)

The artist friends Sigrun Paulsen and Manfred Kirschner, alias Lydia Karstadt, set their quite opposing artistic positions in an exhibition performatively against and with each other and examine the effects as in a collision. It is interesting that especially with this strategy similarities and relationships in common areas become visible, which otherwise would have remained invisible and perhaps would not have emerged. Sigrun Paulsen’s work is dedicated to pure color and its effects, she is concerned with a clarity and musicality also in the reception. In medium and large format works on canvas, Paulsen skillfully explores the combinatorial effects of her self-mixed colors and counter colors, cold and warm hues, which she brings together in deliberate processes. These color combinations thereby bring her paintings into vibration, the colors seem to vibrate. Paulsen’s paintings are free, free of inscribed meaning, nothing is hidden or suggested. They have something pure and are like food for the senses, which one can accept or refuse.

Manfred Kirschner explores in his smaller collages on canvas, irritating strategies of seemingly harmonious subject combinations. He places his protagonists, mostly mannequins, which certainly represent us humans, in melancholic landscapes or historical photographs, as in or historical photographs, as if in film sets and stage sets. The collage knows per se the combination of opposites as a stylistic principle. Kirschner’s art, however, works beyond this with the harmonization of the parts of the picture, such as the adherence to color spatiality or a combination of colors. Very often in Kirschner’s work, as for example in the in Kirschner’s series “The Story Of Blue, Red And Yellow”, for example, the figures are figures stand out from their background in a certain colorfulness, as if they were as if they were displaying themselves in their new pictorial world and also sayingsaying, “Look! I’ve been pasted in here!” Thus, just combinations raise unusual questions, or ironically expand the traditional or ironically expand the traditional lines of vision. Kirschner’spictures seem to draw their lightness from the fact that they are
their own statements at their fractures and distortions, asserting themselves as if they were assert themselves, as if they were above these receptionist processes.
Very often in Kirschner’s work, as for example in the titular series “The Story Of Blue, Red And Yellow,” the figures stand out from their background in a certain colorfulness, as if they were displaying themselves in their new pictorial world and also saying: “Look! I’ve been pasted in here!” Thus, it is these humorous to dramatic combinations that raise unusual questions or ironically expand traditional lines of vision. Kirschner’s paintings seem to draw their lightness from the fact that they make their own statements at their fractures and fault lines, asserting themselves as if they were above these receptionist processes. They free themselves from and the artist from authorship. Thus, if one sees Paulsen’s and Kirschner’s positions side by side, I maintain that both are about an essentiality that is evoked through a harmonization of opposites and polar effects and, beyond that, about a philosophy of freedom with art- Renate Kemper, Berlin 2023

/Performance Sommer/ Unboxing – Evita Emersleben & Manfred Kirschner

Am Sa. 5 August um 19 Uhr

Unboxing, Performance, Evita Emersleben und Manfred Kirschner, Künstlerhaus Bremen, September 2022

Boxing is the sporting variation of the classic fistfight. Boxing is popular worldwide and raises an aggressive, destructive and violent action to the level of a game and competition. To the pacifist-oriented artists Evita Emersleben and Manfred Kirschner, boxing appears as a symbol of a lifestyle based on competition, self-interest and social indifference. They perceive the fight as anti-social and outdated, similar to the impetus of bullfighting. Well, both artists do not want to completely deprive the boxing fight of its justification in their performance “Unboxing”, but rather examine the fight personally with each other in an experimental way, present their critique aesthetically and transcend the fight. Thus, Unboxing also shows, in the form of a social parody, current social tendencies of shifting the trivial into visible ubiquity. The two artistic positions of Emersleben and Kirschner are characterized by a partly open conceptual form, which always plays with the reception of the action by the spectators. Unboxing was first shown in Bremen in 2022 and will be performed again this year at the Crystal Ball on August 5 and at the Villa Sponte in Bremen on August 26

/Performance Sommer/ Zugvögel: Träumen mit Bäumen

Fri. July 14, performance at 8 p.m. and at 9 p.m. respectively
Galerie Crystal Ball
Schönleinstr. 7
10967 Berlin

Admission free!

Dreaming with Trees, Conceptual Co-Creation, three migratory birds in the wood, foto: Christina Olschewski

The doors open, and who flies in? The Zugvögel-Ensemble. After having spent their company outing this summer in Kolberg, Brandenburg at the historic Central Institute for Radio Technology (ZIF) with numerous mind-expanding rehearsals in the forest, Zoë Tomruk’s performance ensemble show us their latest production; the results of the four-day workshop of the same name, (which, by the way, was led simultaneously by all ensemble members): Dreaming with Trees and a performance dedicated to the current exhibition: The Atlas of Uranus.

We look forward to seeing you again!

Birch Hayes – Uranian Atlas

Opening Reception, April, 28th, Friday, 7 pm

28.4. Midissage am 16 Juni ab 19 Uhr

und verlängert bis 14. Juli, mit arbiträren Öffnungszeiten & nach Vereinbarung

Performance der Zugvögel am 14 Juli, um 20 & 21 Uhr: Träumen mit Bäumen & Der Atlas des Uranus

Birch Hayes calls his first exhibition in Berlin, at the Crystal Ball gallery the Atlas of Uranus. In a way, this is an extremely apt description for the works presented by the American artist. Hayes’ elaborate, detailed drawings sometimes seem like cartographies of an unknown world or even like surfaces of a distant planet. This may be due to the homogeneous but alien organic presence of the structures depicted and their particular expansiveness of perspective. In this respect, the drawings evoke an almost authentic presence, familiar from scientific illustrations, biological diagrams, and drawings based on nature. Certain structures appear as if cut into, at these points their structure becomes apparent and explainable. All discovered forms and things show themselves. Hayes uses these attributes masterfully, creating a real plane, but presenting us not with a familiar one, but with an extraordinary glimpse into a mysterious, fantastic world that seems strangely real. Physical structures lie, stick, grow in and out with other substances. Things float, buzz, are interconnected, and the motifs sketch a specific dreamy variety. Birch Hayes drawings in this way have similarity in strategy to science fiction, as the latter also repeatedly indulges in describing the connections and details in order to assert reality. The artist Birch Hayes, however, has no plan or sense of mission in this direction at all. He calls the exhibition of his black and white and color works Uranian Atlas, because that is how they appear to him. Hayes draws to enter a dreamy state of meditation. He has no specific ideas from the beginning, but in an automatic, unconscious formulation also discovers one form next to the other and records it in the picture. But it is thanks to this idiosyncratic and particular position of Haye’s work that the worlds and landscapes can be explored light-footedly, as if we have now gained access to a world of the unconscious while awake. Lydia Karstadt.

/Performance Summer/ Ich Ich Ich : Ich bin Ich !

Wir bitten Sie dazu, selbst als Star auf unserer Vernissage im Kunstpunkt zu erscheinen!

die Galerie Crystal Ball zu Gast im Kunstpunkt Berlin, Schlegelstraße 6

Eröffnung mit Happening und Performance am 14ten April, 19 Uhr

Ich bin Ich, ca. 12 min, film still, with “Pas de Costumes”, Berlin 2023 – exhibition and performance project, video, installation, 2019-2023

Am Freitag, 14. April 2023 um 19 Uhr eröffnet die Ausstellung ICH ICH ICH im KUNSTPUNKT BERLIN,
Schlegelstr. 6, 10115 Berlin-Mitte.

Together with another artist collective (Stay Hungry), Pas de Costumes is invited to explore the toxic effects of egomaniacal artist cult during Gallery Weekend at Kunstpunkt Berlin in April. In spring 2019, Natascha Frioud and Manfred Kirschner began the project of “I am I.” Since then, a loose group of female artists has formed around the Crystal Ball exhibition space in Pas de Costumes. The current presentation features works by Caren Sielaff, Miriam Jadischke, Berit Schneider, Stefan Ruf, Zoe Tomruck, Lydia Karstadt, Natascha Frioud, Gabi Garland and Frank Schoppmeier.
“I am I” comprises a group of works centered around the fictional artist-personality Arielle Schuberti. An exhibition opening, a series of artworks, accompanying performances and a documentary video, create the person Arielle. A strongly self-referential person who is convinced to be a very important artist. The video jumps between fiction; the vernissage with play scenes and reality, showing the artists working on the project. The complex of “I am I” aims to problematize the cliché, the narcissistic artist, in the form of over-individualization, which in its exaggeration can have a toxic effect on society.
Pas de Costumes has been working on the concept since 2019. In the process, an “Oneday Exhibition” with works by the artist “Arielle Schuberti” has been realized in the exhibition space Crystal Ball in Kreuzberg. This opening of the exhibition of “Arielle” was promoted with posters, internet presence and email invitations. Crystal Ball had, as usual, invited to one of her vernissages. Unknowing visitors were then confronted with a fake presentation and a highly performative evening. At the exhibition opening, fiction and reality collided, Arielle played on the keyboard of her self-absorption and egocentricity. After a few questionable performances, the situation was hardly tenable. Arielle destroyed one of her works when a buyer showed interest in it. It came to an éclat with the gallery owner and culminated in that the artist destroyed her works in front of the public.
In the exhibition ICH ICH ICH at Kunstpunkt, Pas de Costumes will show the film “Ich bin Ich” for the first time, as an official document of the project. The premiere will be accompanied by an installation of leftover artworks by artist Arielle Schuberti, as well as works by her friends. An extraordinary, introductory happening will accompany the performance group’s exhibition.

For this, we ask you to come as a star yourself to our vernissage at Kunstpunkt!

Exhibition dates:

Vernissage: 14.04.2023, ab 19 Uhr
Ausstellungsdauer: 15.04. – 01.05.2023
Öffnungszeiten: Fr 17–21 Uhr, Sa + So 15–19 Uhr
Finissage & GET-TOGETHER NETZWERK: 01.05.2023, ab 15 Uhr

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