Galerie Crystal Ball

Astrid Küver – AK Bildausschnitte

08. 08. – 21. 08. 2008

AK Bildausschnitte, Astrid Küver

Astrid Küvers AK Bildausschnitte, a multiple work in progress has developed parallel to her other work in order to secure her economic working situation. The pieces are knitted out of wool and streched on wooden frames ironically refer to historical art experiences and results in different ways. The obvious comparision with the experimental works on canvas of the sculptor Fontana, where the surfaces were cut and opened up to the three- dimensionality is reminiscent as a direct hint. In contrast to the sculptural gesture of her famous male colleague, wich opened the 2 dimensional pictoral space with a reductive destruction, Küvers works have this transcendence already in her construction plan.

The opened space is contained in the creation and the knitting plan of the AK Bildauschnitt. The passages themselves look like physically usabale motives and sometimes have aspects of penetration. The banal material, the use of common pullover patterns and cuffs are pointing against the male artistic gesture and attitude, wich is searching for fame and exploration. Apart from this Astrid Küvers objects are working even more relevant on the classification and revaluation of actual aesthetic experience.

Crystal Ball Berlin