Galerie Crystal Ball

Svealena Kutschke – Etwas Kleines Gut Versiegeln

Features / Reading on Fri. 10. April at 22 Uhr
In collaboration with Wallstein Verlag

Svealena Kutschke: Etwas Kleines Gut Versiegeln

“A debut of extraordinary linguistic power and worldliness, which tells of people who seek their happiness beyond the usual traces.

Is life a strange cave system?, Lisa wonders as she breaks off her photography studies, climbs onto a bridge arch and throws the camera onto the railway tracks. Australia is just far enough for her. She goes to Sydney, where she lives with Marc, her brother’s caring ex-boyfriend. There she throws herself between the dazzling night figures on Oxford Street and fixes the sinking sun like an enemy every evening: whoever goes down first has lost. But in her bag are still 6 film cans with pictures of B in a crumpled dress over her hairy legs and with lipstick on her crooked teeth.

As if that weren’t enough, she finds a single photo on the street, in which she can be seen in an environment completely unknown to her. She sets out in search of this place, always accompanied by the ironic-philosophical catalogue of questions of the artist duo Fischli & Weiss.

So she hangs herself through oddities of her everyday life, lustfully designs explanations, amazes that everything always comes differently than thought. Is my lie a masterpiece of innovation and statics? Lisa lets herself get involved in a strange game. The boundaries of the real are blurring, and the polarities of gender determination anyway.”

Crystal Ball Berlin