Galerie Crystal Ball

Fort – Horror Vacui

Exhibition opening on Fri. 13. November at 8 p.m.
13.11. – 29.12.2009
Finissage am Die. 29. December at 8 p.m.

Horror Vacui, Fort

The artist collective Fort (Anna Jandt, Jenny Kropp und Alberta Niemann) work through a system of references using documentary, objects, stories and their interrelations.  In their installations and engineered spaces, Fort construct precise interiors with conscious references made through the choice and placement of objects. They create poetic, surreal spaces and performances. Thing, action and derivation, as well as their historical and scientific evaluation collide with a dream like logic- through the revelation of complex unconscious structures and enigmatic backgrounds.

The stories of the entities, excerpts and apportions become parts of a mystic documentation. Things are copied, multiplied and  reflected. They become signs, representative information of a world remembered, transforming into catalysts of cognitive processes of a cruel, poetic reality.

At this mysterious point of human perception; the twins, the forgotten, the unclear identity, Fort begin – with their belief in the impossible and the legendary in this world, to work for a change.

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One-Cubic-Decimeter-To-Boil-The-Ocean, Fort

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Horror Vacui, Fort

past presentations

  • POINT GRAY, Installation, Action, Show
  • Sequences Real Time Art Festival Reykjavik, Island &Bremer Kunst Satellit/ Museum Weserburg Bremen 2008
  • HOTEL MARIENBAD, Installation (in collaboration with Claudia Heidorn and Anneli Käsmayr – dp) KW Institute For Contemporary Art Berlin 2008

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