Galerie Crystal Ball

Galerie Crystal Ball – Karneval der Galerien

Carnival of the Galleries, Berlin 11.11.2009

Gallery Crystal Ball at the Carnival of the Galleries, Berlin

The Crystal Ball Gallery is sending an embassy as an autonomous art block to the first Berlin carnival of the galleries. Hotzi, Motzi and Zoei made the demands “Silence money for artists!” and “Free beer for all”.  Gentrification back and forth, artists should not continue to produce unpaid NO art. The widespread assumption that artists are forced to make art for obsessive, psychological or social reasons, is finally receiving a blessing. We do not want a Temporary Kunsthalle to plug the polithistorical Castle Square Hole, but the Temporary Artist’s Pension!  money, for all artists who no longer comment on these and other social standards. With the basic supply of artist silence, the monetary inaction, the saliva licking of the gallery scene finally ends and the art market empties away weakened from its high-end staff, its germ-free gallery houses and art? Shares.  Artists are rethinking your role! What else are you as simple art theory coasters! Get out of the self-crisis into consciousness! The crisis is over! Long live the crisis! On to the artist general strike! … Excerpt from the Büttenrede of Galerie Crystal Ball, Manfred Kirschner, Berlin

Gallery Crystal Ball: Zoei at the Carnival of the Galleries, Berlin 2009
Crystal Ball Berlin