Galerie Crystal Ball

Frank Schoppmeier – Kapital und Dosenfleisch

Installation/ Objects
Opening on Fri. 4. March 2011 at 8 p.m., with a concert by Senor Depressiv

Art Frank Schoppmeier Courtesy Gallery Crystal Ball Berlin
Art, Frank Schoppmeier

Frank Schoppmeier’s objects and installations create new levels of meaning and possible image theories by combining various iconographic references. The layers and pictorial means used point to our visual memory in their historical pop-cultural relationship. A fleeting image reception, with its learned and categorizing effects, acts like a blind spot in our constituted order. The artist works with the shifts of these boundaries, on the perception and analysis of an irritating pop art.

Frank Schoppmeier Capital and Canned Meat Gallery Crystal Ball Berlin
Capital and canned meat, Frank Schoppmeier

Crystal Ball Berlin