Galerie Crystal Ball

Heavy Rotation, Volume 1

Opening on Sun. 16. March from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. in the reception of Pension Berlin and Galerie Crystal Ball

The End Part One Sabine Wewer Manfred Kirschner
The End Part One – Sabine Wewer in The End #1, Baden 2014

With Heavy Rotation, Volume 1, Galerie Crystal Ball and Pension Berlin in Schönleinstraße are showing an installation video exhibition together. The format projects films and video works that have been shown either new, non-present, or rarely. In the first issue we show works by:

with: Sarah Björnsdéttir – Bonne Maman – Jesse Dell – Marco Goldenstein – Ronald Gonko – Elke Graalfs – Marcus Gryscok and Dirk Markham – Content & Sinn – Boris Jöns and Thorsten Schwarz – Manfred Kirschner – Kirsty Kross – Frank Schoppmeier – Juwelia St. St. – Sabine Wewer

Frank Schoppmeier
Farewell to yesterday, Frank Schoppmeier, photo

Crystal Ball Berlin