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Ersatzcafé Unst – Unst Künstlergruppe

Ersatzcafé Unst – We are the decoration for your life !
Opening on Sat. 1. June 2014 at 3 p.m.

Ersatzcafé Unst

At the same time as three new cafés open in Schönleinstraße, we are opening another café. The 51st in the Gräfekiez. Yeah!

Under the motto: “Whatever you want”, the replacement café Unst offers delicious freeze-dried coffee and wonderful confectionary simplicity and is clearly avant-garde because art will get the boot!

While the global power consumption is increasing gigantically (55 million new individualistic photos every day at instagram! ) and huge storage cities are being created for this, we are only running one kettle. Photography and phone calls are prohibited! Not on facebook, twitter, instagram & Co!tagram & Co!

Many artists from the neighborhood are working on it: It is the decoration of your life! Come in and get out!

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