Galerie Crystal Ball

Pataphysisches Institut Basel – UMO

Pataphysical Studies of 15 July 2014
Umossage on Fr. 25 July at 7 p.m.

Pataphysisches Institut Basel Galerie Crystal Ball
UMO Grußkarte, Pataphysisches Institut Basel

In the middle of Juli the 2013 founded Pataphysic Institute Basel is visiting Berlin and stops by at Crystal Ball gallery. For the tour via Schweden the institute uses its Ubomobile, short UMO, a mobile antiinstitutional social labratory base and vehikel. Pataphysic includes absurd settings, solutions for imaginary problems and actions that can´t be described or foreseen. Vistors of Umo and the Patphysic Institue are invited and very welcome to take part in the process. The Institute will open the doors from the 15th of Juli and show its results of the UMO Tour Stop Berlin on friday the 25th of Juli. For making contact please use the following UMO phone number: +49 152 3852 7186

UMO in Berlin Galerie Crystal Ball Berlin
UMO on Tour
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Crystal Ball Berlin