Galerie Crystal Ball

Barbara Wagner – Weiß Ich

Painting/ Installation
Opening on Fr. 1 August, 7 – 11 p.m. until Fr. 29 August 2014

Weiß Ich Barbara Wagner Galerie Crystal Ball Berlin
Weiß Ich, Barbara Wagner

Barbara Wagners exhibition concept combines a series of paintings and collages effectively incorporating the complete gallery space. The different meanings of the title “weiß ich” points out the relation between the subject, the ego to the colouring of the object world. Therefore the artist will neutralize the colours of the room and work with the white of the walls, the ceiling and the floor wich she will cover. The space itself will be a medium for sensitive put gestures, materials and coloureffects of her paintings, as to support a calm perception of the viewers. So the two main sides of the oeuvre, conceptual and intuitive strategies of Barbara Wagners peculiar work are present in her installation.

Crystal Ball Berlin