Galerie Crystal Ball

Christoph Hegemann – Geschöpfte

Vernissage on 17. July 2015 at 7 p.m.
Finissage with cake and music on Sun. 9. August, 2-7 p.m.

Everything just created, Christoph Hegemann

Christoph Hegemann’s sculptural work has a rare diversity and ambiguous aura. In his work, the figure is in its primary state and at the same time also a memory. The synthesis of these essentially contradictory aspects constitute a unique position. The sujets of the individual characters and words are poetic, idiosyncratic and thoughtfully circumscribed. Since the Ninetees Christoph Hegemann works with the Verlorene Form. The means of control in the creation process in which you mold an original negative in the soil, and the figures are poured directly in the sand, is also working with the dichotomy of chance. Density and consistency of soil, parts of plants, earthen fragments and sediments come into play and create a unique enigmatic form. The aesthetic sensibility of the earthen material, which appears as an exterior form, molded by aging and erosion, gives the object a gentle mythical presence, which points to something past and invisible.

Crystal Ball Berlin