Galerie Crystal Ball

ALG # 1 – Agency of Lonely Gloves

Vernissage at Fr. 12. February 2016 at 7 p.m.
with a performance by Lydia Karstadt

Agency of Lonely Gloves, Crystal Ball Gallery
Blue Glove, Berlin 2015

The agency of lonely gloves is a pataphsical project of Crystal Ball gallery for the Winter season 2015/16. If you happen to loose, or have already lost a glove please look through the ALG # 1. You may find the missing half of your separated pair. The agency already has a growing photographic archive of mittens and gloves in the urban settings where they were found. The archive grows bigger every year. The space will be used for performance events and understands itself as a communicative loboratory which focus on the loss and found in our lives. We will inform you about our research and activity. The installation will be opened with a singing performance of artist Lydia Karstadt. The exhibition is curated by Manfred Kirschner. With Chrizzi Heinen, Ulrike Wilkens, Lydia Karstadt, Caroline Keel, Manfred Kirschner, Bettina Lerche, Thilo Staudt and more artists. Please be aware of alternative opening hours during ALG # 1. Do & Fr: 14-19 Uhr and also by appointment.

Crystal Ball Berlin