Galerie Crystal Ball

Fuck Your Selfie! # 2 – Portraitsalon

7. May 2016 – 2-7 p.m., opening on May 2, 2016. May at 2 p.m.
curated by Lydia Karstadt and Julia Psilitelis

Lydia Karstadt, It’s All Me- Car Portrait, Paper on Canvas, 2016

Again, the Original!  because of the amazing success In May we paint your dadaistic, expessionictic, surrealistic portrait! Fuck Your Selfie, Volume 2. is an open communicative studio project. Artists, visitors and spectators get together in an interactive process at the in- and outdoor space c/o Crystal Ball. You can join the project or/and you are able to get a personal artistic portrait in your beloved style of one of the particpating artists. FYS #2 gives origin alternatives against maniac selfreflection and egomanic tendencies in social life.

With: Ioana Alexe, Jim Avignon, Francoise Cactus, Elke Graalfs, Maike Hartwig, Mareike Hube, Lydia Karstadt, Jenny Löbert, Rudi Paris, Gabriele Regiert, Gabriele Regiert, Inhalt & Sinn, Veronika Schumacher, Berit Schneider, Annette Stemmann, Heike Walter, Gisela Wrede and many more artists

Fuck your Selfie - 2 Gallery Crystal Ball
Fuck your Selfie , Portrait Service, Crystal Ball, (Portrait/Ioana Alexe)

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