Galerie Crystal Ball

Introspective # 1

Opening on the Sat. 3. December 2016 at 7 p.m.

Rügen, mon Amour! Manfred Kirschner, 45 x 75 cm, paper on canvas, 15 parts, 2016

With works by Ioana Alexe, Ueli Beetschen, Lena Braun, Francoise Cactus, Gabi Garland, Brezel Göring, Roland Eckelt, Elke Graalfs, Marikke Heinz-Hoek, Gabriele Regiert, Manfred Kirschner, Oli Knoth, Gabriele Konsor, Patricia Lippert, Veronika Schumacher, Caren Sielaff, Berit Schneider, Juwelia St.

At the end of the year and the beginning of the new year Crystal Ball is presenting her first Introspective . Introspective # 1 shows a selection of artistic works whose expression and aesthetic form, clearly point to an inner show or even internal mental as well as emotional processes. The exhibition is intended to examine the aspect of a hidden hint in the structure of the work of art that shifts the interpretation perspective in the form of a transmitter into the imaginable and with this also into one’s own inner perspective.

Crystal Ball Berlin