Galerie Crystal Ball

Django Knoth – No Mercy Portraits

Portrait Salon: with opening on 17. February at 7 p.m. – until 26 February. daily 2 – 7 p.m. Exhibition opening on Sun. 4. March at 7 p.m. to Sun. 2. April

No Mercy Portrait # 102 Oli Knoth – Galerie Crystal Ball Berlin

In February Django Knoth will be guest at Crystal Ball with his unique portrait photographs. He will transform the space into a Photo Portrait Studio where every visitor is able to get his/her personal “No Mercy” image. After a week of working out, the Pictures will be exhibited in an upcoming show. Through his special technique of using a paper negative and a long exposure time, vivid tableaus emerge, from which we seem to look from a long gone time. Scattering the smallest movements of the still portrayed faces produces their liveliness, while the red pigmentation leads to a darker reproduction of the face according to Django; the so-called “coal mine look”. These pitiless circumstances of the artist’s process, which throw us into the tableaux like a time journey without mercy, are  inspiring and in this form also unique in photography. Don´t miss it!

Crystal Ball Berlin