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Bicicletta Disko Service

Bicicletta Disko Service, climate neutral dancing in the gallery Crystal Ball, 2019

On August 17th in the Crystal Ball debuts a new disco invention, which recently celebrated a preview in the Eloi & Morlock performance by Manfred Kirschner and Oliver Voigt.

Eloi & Morlock, Manfred Kirschner/ Olive Voigt, Performance 48h Neukölln

From 7 p.m. Lydia Karstadt invites you to the summer party and climate-neutral dancing with the Bicicletta Disco Service, the world novelty in the disco business. One person rides a bike and the others can listen to music and dance. The inventors, the Ersatzschrankorchester from Berlin Frohnau, are happy about numerous disc jockeys and dancing audience at this art event!

In the meantime our Bicicletta Disco Service has been booked for many events and functions. For example 2019 in the music video for “Ohne Musik” by Stereo Total

Keine Musik mehr…
Bicicletta Disko Service in “Ohne Musik”, Stereo Total, music video, 2019

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