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Gabriele Regiert – Plan B

The exhibition of Gabriele Regiert is open to individual visitors during the usual opening hours from Friday 8 May.
Finissage: 16 August, 5 p.m.

The exhibition is open to the public again. You can now visit the gallery again during the usual opening hours. In view of the Corona Pandemic we have also published a 360 degree panorama including an interview with the artist.

Gabriele Regiert, Plan B, ca. 320 x 350 cm, Installation/ Detail, 2020

Plan B, Gabriele Regiert on her tiny planet

In the exhibition Plan B, Gabriele Regiert shows her installation of the same name, a large tableau of assembled drawings and canvases. Each work, and drawing stands on its own, but its own presence adds up to an overall effect. Gabriele Regiert’s drawings are processes; their sequence of events, her work that wants nothing but her actions, is her motif. In this way, very free, highly aesthetic sheets are created which do not want but become art. In Plan B., the sheets are hung on top of each other and partly on top of each other like emergency seats, parts of the picture disappear or appear to be brought together in an uncontrolled way. It is precisely this strategy of an unusual, succinct treatment that effectively produces the emanation of the pictures and is exemplary for the artist as an artistic attitude. Gabriele Regiert quotes and touches on visual universals such as in this case note boards, pinboards or the case collections known from crime novels – collections that resonate in this aesthetic. The interplay opens up to meaning – unexpected associations – it is about the moment. The artist keeps her drawings open. The handling of the unfinished, an unconscious drawing action whose lines are always on the way, whose patterns look for themselves elsewhere and are more committed to the tea stain than to a concrete goal, reinforce her present presence. The installation is always temporary in this way of working. When hung again, the presentation resembled a re-enactment rather than a precise repetition.
The working process is dynamic, the artistic products almost performative, lively in their creative context, not fixed. Some would certainly have disappeared because they continued working or became material again in the artist’s fund. This way of working is very committed to life, it democratizes the works among themselves and works on a new innovative attitude. Gabriele Regiert’s work contains a processual, superordinate understanding and thus shows that art is immediate liveliness.

On the occasion of the exhibition the edition „Pret A Manger“, framed, 18 x 12 x 5 cm, edition of 15, each 120,-

Pret A Manger 2/15 – Gabriele Regiert, Edition #1, framed/ signed, 120,- Crystal Ball, 2020

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