Galerie Crystal Ball

Andreas Kotulla – Colours for Ships

exhibition and book launch, Sa. 14. August um 17 Uhr

Sa. 14. , Su. 15, Mo. 16. August: from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. and by appointment

Andreas Kotulla is showing his eponymous installation and the art book based on it at the gallery this weekend. We are pleased to present Colours For Ships, the edition of handmade books completed in June 2021. Each page is hand painted by the artist. The black and white book cover, also handmade by the artist, is a screen print. The extremely time-consuming, loving design sets a subtle, pleasurable contrast to industrial book productions. In contrast, the book has a special, beautiful feel. The concept of Colours For Ships, with its strong idiosyncrasy and its sensitive humour, makes it an important book. Attention.

Colours for Ships, handmade book, 19 pages, silkscreen/ painting, Andreas Kotulla 2021, edition of 30, numbered and signed for 120,- Special price/ valid only for the opening; 100,-

Colours for ships –
or perhaps even for containers.
Or any other object that needs to be painted.
Sometimes paint colour is determined by technical processes, by its manufacture or intended
use (e. g. anticorrosive paints made with red lead or tin chromate).
When this is the case, the colour becomes an attribute of an object rather than the surface
Colour can naturally also be used to differentiate between similar objects.

Andreas Kotulla

Crystal Ball Berlin