Galerie Crystal Ball

Zugvögel Ensemble invites you to: ˈpælɪmpsest

Performance – free improvisation
Friday, 11/24/2023
ˈpælɪmpsest I: 7 p.m.
ˈpælɪmpsest II: 8 p.m

With ˈpælɪmpsest, the Zugvögel ensemble creates another world from the vibrations of their gut- and swarm intelligence after “Analogschatten” and “Träumen mit Bäumen”. Be a witness, be welcome.

On November 24, the Zugvoegel-Ensemble will land in the Crystal Ball with their new discursive performance “ˈpælɪmpsest”. They will be accompanied by discarded furs, whose immanent inscriptions will inevitably bring their own readings to the game.

On Friday 11/24/2023 there will be two free improvisations that will develop out of the moment.
Afterwards, the players will be happy to talk to the audience. Admission is half an hour before the start at 6.30 p.m.

Crystal Ball Berlin