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Marion Bösen & Susanne Katharina Willand


cover and shine through
Exhibition Opening on friday, 12.04.2024 at 7 pm

special opening times for Sellerie Weekend: Fr., 26.4 & Sa., 27.4., 15 bis 19 Uhr

Come and see the Crystal Ball Boutique for Sellerie Weekend

12.04.2024 – 10.05.2024

What is this about – is this a store, can you buy something here? Can you get information here? What’s actually going on with the window? The openings in the wall for light and fresh air, covered with curtains and blinds and curtains and curtains so that no one can see how we behave inside. Or sometimes we do. Then there’s a design intention or an aesthetic purpose or outdoor advertising. Or I stand behind the curtain and observe without being seen. The curtain is the membrane between my cell and the outside world, between the private and the public, the obvious and the hidden.

The artists Marion Bösen and Susanne Katharina Willand work with photography and with the strategies of their translations into other media. Marion Bösen often devotes her extensive printmaking oeuvre to phenomenological large sets and photographic series, which she transforms into series of screen prints or installative large surfaces. The artist collects images of objects in dysfunctional contexts, extraordinary situations in everyday urban life and everyday life and phenomena that may remain unexplained for the time being. The result is all kinds of collections, abandoned televisions, mattresses, dead birds and
rabbits, fruit and vegetables, spurned sandwiches. Or even the however failed or well-intentioned repair of stonework in the pavement of a pavement of a square in Sao Paulo. The rhythmic patterns and wallpaper patterns and wallpapers of vegetable crates, wigs, slices of bread or chicken eggs
– our entire multi-part world is revealed in Marion Boesen’s attentive attentive gaze. The isolated, simple object, the lifeless, lost animal body, but also the large sets that paint our everyday lives like modern still lifes, appear charged with an almost living presence.

Susanne Katharina Willand works in a similar field, she is interested in cloths, things,
stones, fields, mountains – landscape. In the artist’s current working method, the objects and scenes are translated into embroidery. She pays particular attention to the pattern, structure and spatiality of the shape. Thus the lines of the design of a commercially available drying towel, for example, are in its
state when the cloth is randomly thrown in its folds are Willands theme. In these distortions of the pattern, the artist uses the embroidery needle to evoke the actually absent three-dimensionality with the embroidery needle. She folds and arranges a tablecloth in such a way that a mountain landscape becomes tangible or she embroiders fine shadows into a cloth spread out flat in front of us so that it looks as if it has just been been crumpled up and was lying there unironed. The interest
in the oscillation of the difference between spatiality and surface is unmistakable, as is the
phenomenological collection, which she shares with Marion Bösen. In their joint exhibition at the Crystal Ball, the artists are showing an installation specially designed for the gallery, in which they work with
the shop window of the space.

Zentrale Verwaltung – Nobert Bauer & Ralf Tekaat

Opening Reception: Sat. 23rd of September, 7pm

Zentrale Verwaltung – performative Reading, Friday, 13. Okt., 9pm

until Sat. 11. November 2023

Zentrale Verwaltung – Norbert Bauer / Ralf Tekaat, Ausstellungsdetails, Herbstausstellung Kunstverein Hannover 2022

Administrations create an idealized, formalized version of other areas of social life.
social life. They express the processes there in numbers, ratios, procedures, or regulations, and at the same time have an effect on them. Administration and reality generate each other, but are not congruent.
The work Zentrale Verwaltung by the artists Norbert Bauer and Ralf Tekaat deals with institutions and forms of expression of an “administered world”: Authorities, forms, documents, service instructions, organization charts, administrative buildings, etc. are as familiar as they are incomprehensible as constitutive elements of social life. The artists attempt to express this ambivalent relationship in their collaboration with the means of drawing. The aim of the series is not to create clarity, but to get lost in corridors, service rooms, outbuildings, regulations, optimization strategies and responsibilities.
So far, the Central Administration series consists of 270 drawings in A4 format. Zentrale Verwaltung continues to grow and has so far been shown in exhibitions in Hamburg at the Nachtspeicher, in Bremen at the Güterbahnhof in the art associations of Speyer, Hannover and Fischerhude. This summer she has now been awarded the Heitland Foundation Prize. The multi-part work reflects and evokes, in addition to its free representational force virtuously, the sensitivities associated with bureaucratic and administrative processes. Emotions lurk in the rows of leaves; indeed, the central administration, with its conceptual, cooperative strategy, quite aptly bundles social as well as personal situations of the viewer. With just one, or even several Di A 4 drawings, the whole drama of a stressful tax settlement, the despair in the face of a nerve-racking ink-guzzling printer, or other existentially stressful stories can be told. But at the same time, because it is bold and free-associated, Central Administration relieves us and we can smile again and distinguish, because really existential, administration is not.

Analogschatten – die Zugvögel

Performance am Sonntag den 11. Dezember um 17 Uhr.

& 20. Januar 2023

Analogschatten/ Performance 2022
On Sunday, December 11, the “Zugvögel” will make a guest appearance at the Crystal Ball gallery. The performance group around Zoe Tomruk works with the technique of action theater developed by Ruth Sapora in the 70s in the USA. In this technique, all actions are brought forth in the presentness of the moment. On Dec. 16, 2022, the Zugvögel will bring “Analogschatten 2” to the Dramatische Republik at Schudomastrasse 32 at 7 p.m.

Action Theatre is an improvisational performance technique developed by the American performance artist, Ruth Zaporah. Action Theatre is defined by its focus on embodied awareness, the tracking of the present moment through sensory experience, and by a structured training that uses exploration to build the performer’s ‘formal dexterity and the ability to “listen” to oneself and one’s acting partners’. This physical theatre technique is documented in Zaporah’s 1995 book, Action Theatre: The Improvisation of Presence. (Wikipedia)

Am 16.12.2022 bringen die Zugvögel „Analogschatten 2“ in der Dramatischen Republik in der Schudomastraße 32 um 19 Uhr zur Aufführung.

Am 20. Januar performen die Zugvögel innerhalb der Ausstellung “Apfelmus” erneut mit Analogschatten 3

Weltschmerz Symposium

am 24. & 25. November 2022 mit Viktor Kegli und Kai Lillich

Symposium zum Weltschmerz
Lamenting and complaining in the digital age

November, and, 6 pm Uhr

Symposium – Lamenting and Complaining in the Digital Age

In conversation with artists, philosophers, musicians and other people, artist Victor Kégli explores the question of how the traditional art of lamenting and complaining can be transported into the digital modern age.

Limited number of participants, please register in advance. November the 24th or 2022. Start of each event at 18.00 h.

Idea and organization: Victor Kegli & Kai Lillich

Anmeldung: 0152 04980110

Crystal Ball Berlin