Galerie Crystal Ball

Florian Pauly – Neuro und die Erleuchtungsdroschke / Filmabend

Film evening on Fri. 2. March at 7 p.m.

Florian Pauly If I turn 30, then! Gallery Crystal Ball Berlin
If I turn thirty, then!, Flowrian Pauly

In rememberance of the 2011 deceased artist and friend Florian Pauly, alias Flowrian we show a documentation video of his 2008 correspondent performance realized at the gallery Crystal Ball. The next day there will be an opening of a retrospective exhibition of Florian´s work at the gallery R 31 at Reuterstraße in Berlin – Neukölln (Sat. 3rd of March, 7 p.m.)

Flowrian Pauly – Neuro und die Erleuchtungsdroschke

23. 08. – 06. 09. 2008
Opening of the exhibition with performance,
meeting point for the performance at 9 pm, at the Admiralbrücke, Berlin Kreuzberg.

Die Erleuchtungsdroschke, Flowrian Pauly

The art work of Flowrian Pauly often develops in contexts of cooperation projects. In his first exhibition at Crystal Ball gallery Flowrian shows now two single projects installations which invite the recipient into an active role. The opening performance „Erleuchtungsdroschke“ playing with the context of pilgrimage and procession, negotiates with the idea of personal expectations of religious myths and icons. The affectionately builded construction of the hackney stays in contrast to the structure of a sarcastic ritual action. The participant is left with questions: Did you follow the pied piper? Is the artist saviour or demagogue of apparently innovative statements? Where does the art context go to?
Flowrians second work: The Neuro installation creates a growing production of an art- value system. The Neuro banknotes as a romantic alternative draft stands up against the monetary measure of value. By exchange and infiltration into the Neuro banknote system we are able to transform and re- humanise the assessments. Both works draw up a form of positive privatisation, an optional partake and responsibility of our own free and idiosyncratic action in superior systems and disclose the estimation and significance of it.

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