Galerie Crystal Ball

Françoise Cactus – Häkeldiven und Starletten

20. 02. – 03. 04. 2009

Amy Wollmaus, Francoise Cactus

Françoise Cactus is a drummer and singer in the band Stereo Total. She also writes books, draws, paints and crochets. The unpretentious style of Françoise Cactus’ artistic work has an unmistakable charm. Her artistic works are first and foremost simple and cool.

She also draws, paints and chrochets. Her artistic works have an unpretentious distinctive style that is in both ways charming and cool. Because of this, the oeuvre of Françoise Cactus has an esprit who defies the conformist strategies of image in the art business. Françoise Cactus for example once presented her drawings in a well known TV magazine to the viewer from a Kreuzberg park bench. Her cardigan object “Wollita”, a 1,67 cm crocheted doll caused a press scandal at the exhibition „When Love Turns To Poison.” The story about can be read in the book: „Wollita – Vom Wollknäuel zum Superstar” published 2004 at Martin Schmitz, Berlin. In the exhibition Häkeldiven & Starletten” at gallery Crystal Ball Berlin Françoise Cactus shows the friends of Wollita. The three- dimensional portraits of Amy Wollmaus, Kratz Jones, Nina Häkel and Debbie Hairy. In her paintings and the freely worked gouache and marker drawings the artist describes the glamour and the darkly longings of stars. The dream of extravagance, fame and jet set lifestyle exchanges with Hollywood film excerpts, these are the subjects of the also reduced cool but humorous portraits and drawings of the artist. Nancy & Sid, the Peaches, Britney Spears and other stars are in the row of visitors who appear in Françoises´ lounge universe.

For the opening of the show at Crystal Ball the Françoise Cactus will do a performance. Also a limited edition postcard series of the new friends of Wollita will be released.

Crystal Ball Berlin