Galerie Crystal Ball

Hannes Niepold – Lucifer Yellow

06. 06. -11. 07. 2008
Finissage with DJ Mono Michalke and DJ Catastrophe

Hannes Niepold Lucifer Yellow
Yellow, Hannes Niepold Lucifer

Lucifer Yellow could be the name of a super hero out of the world of cartoons. But this title even works for interpretation and reception of the new large scale, grafic works of the artist Hannes Niepold.
Lucifer Yellow is a neon coloured chemical substance, used in brain surgery as well as micro- biology in order to show nerve structures and tiny cell parts.
In difference to that, the artist´s formal metaphor using black and white images wich are created by emptyness and imagination. Empty speech bubbles, blank frames and invisible comments are forming its own style, that correspond in undefined and superficial places without a reconstructable action. With a logic of a night dream, strange constructions, abandoned highway rest stops, horrible woods at night are materialized places for these imaginary story boards- the invisible unknown. Through this accociative structure, it´s provocative collection of blank spaces, the viewer gets the option for a unlimeted interpretation. Hannes Niepolds „Lucifer Yellow“ describes maybe this emanation, to uncover and release the structures and analysis, without telling its inner sense.

Crystal Ball Berlin