Galerie Crystal Ball

Henrik Jacob – Bjuti

Exhibition opening on Fr. 25. May 2012 at 8 p.m.
25.05.2012 – 03.08.2012
In concert: Hazi Bros.

Henrik Jacob - Bjuti-Galerie Crystal Ball Berlin
Bjuti, Henrik Jacob

BJUTI is the imitation BEAUTY. Like a new coffee pot, raw glued together from the shards of the old. And that sounds different. Because you make music with coffee pots these days.
Bjuti, Henrik Jacob

You can see:

Current kneading images and other pictorial objects: Yetis, African Sculptures, Bodymen, Closed Clubs, the Hairy Tales, collages and drawings as well as kneading records played with conventional turntables.

The basis of the work of Henrik Jacobs is an exuberant fund, a random noise of  post-modern images. After being motivated by complexity and philosophical research, Jacob’s installations show off his artistic skills with a comedic-analytical strategy, a humorous combinatorial technique of the mass and its consensual images with the private, the materials and working methods of the hobby that can merge with those of the museum-like. A very simple worked out multimedia aesthetic.
In his modeling pictures that have been shown in London (black and white clay), the artist uses a rather non artistic, living material, which helps in conveying a very aesthetic and realistic result, discarding the notion and the desires of an eternal and monumental work of art.

The variability, the moldable, is that life is itself the materiality of art. Just as in frozen states of aggregation, this completed art,  shows its return to transformation again. In the impressionist paintings, its kneaded information (image pixels) is translated by the artist in a sculptural, three-dimensional experiential reality. He presents the subject as an elastic-solidified whole with personal fingerprints. Object and image are intertwined things about its physicality. The classic gestures of his own body are therefore also an equal material, as is a blurred picture of a Yeti in the snow storm or the tattooed body of  “Colourful” – the artist’s corner neighbour who is also, a bodybuilder.
Henrik Jacobs’ method of insulation, installation and collage has different levels of meaning and therefore frees the content. In previous shows, a feng shui master was consulted or advice has been given through reading from coffee leftovers. For this show in Crystal Ball Gallery, the artist presents a new series, which is on the verge of achieving the “perfect image”. The “Hairy Tales” are a series of portrait landscapes: Behind a wood painted portrait with a hole-for-a-head, Jacob has assembled landscape images that automatically take (as in head-through mock-ups) the functions of a face. That view demonstrates our archetypes: clouds build eyes, groups of trees form nostrils and dimples, all visions of an imaginary face. Our view and thoughts demonstrate through the pictures that we remain always in search of the reliable and real, but in the end it’s our own heads that are being put through these holes by Henric Jacob . Bravo!

Henrik Jacob – Hall Of Fame

16. 01. – 13. 02. 2009
Exhibition opening with performance by the artist

Hall Of Fame, Henrik Jacob

Henrik Jacob is showing an installation at gallery Crystal Ball which in a charming way plays with the perspectives of the exhibition itself. You could assume Henrik Jacob cuts the recipients view wittingly in halves. Since often perception is limited, Jacob offers half in his setting as well. Henrik Jakobs installations irritate in a light and humorous way our will of interpretation of art works and the connected myth. Furthermore the artist presents a selection of his well known plasticine pictures. The modelling ductile material opens and transcends the artist’s mode. It`s becoming an agent in subverting monumental artists gestures. Finger and nailprints of the galerists, curators and buyers leave marks on his work and constantly change it. The exhibition is accompanied by fortune telling from the artist’s hands about the success of the presentation.

Henrik Jacob & Andreas Kotulla – Ming

12.05. – 02.6.2007
Exhibition opening with a multi-part performance by the artists.

Ming Gallery, Henrik Jakob, Kneading Painting

The exhibition Ming shows a collaboration based on the mutual offer of exchanging technology and subject. Henrik Jacob, known for his kneading paintings, which put aside the eternity character of painting, Andreas Kotulla, who perforates the thin border of painting in his drawings, have created a series of Mingvases whose sensitive malleable materiality, through their changeability, examines both the pictorial nature of the thing and the image itself.

Crystal Ball Berlin