Galerie Crystal Ball

Silky – Don´t think  about it!


Vernissage on Fr. 2 February 2018 at 19:00
Finissage with musical performance on So. 11 March at 5 p.m.

Yeah, Silke, sculpture 




About 11 years ago, in March 2007,  Crystal Ball Gallery opened with an exhibition by the artist and musician Silke Thoss aka Silky. With “Don’t think about it!” Silky shows in her fourth presentation at Crystal Ball, a space related installation, an extraordinary set design, made of painted objects – pictorial, illuminated signs and billboards. In the interplay of language, light effects, sound and fog, they simulate an urban external advertising situation. The billboards, which are known from many films, metropolitan situations, are iconographically occupied by the artist with ironic references and meanings. Within the space, these communicate in an associative collage.

Silky’s humorous strategy in the implementation of her ideas creates a smart lightness that works in a laconic and sublime way. She owns an extraordinary position in the art business, as she does not impose any elitist attributions. In a time when social energies are special, this work can be considered as real fortune. Therefore I am very happy to be able to show Silky in the jubilee year of the gallery!

The exhibition will also feature smaller multiples by the artist.


Silke Thoss – The Return Of Moby Dick

Vernissage on Friday 16 August 2013 at 8 pm
Finissage on 14 September 2013 at 8 pm with Silky and the Thossers

Hermann Melville Silke Thoss Galerie Crystal Ball Berlin
Hermann Melville, Silke Thoss, 50 x 30 cm, Acryl/ Holz, 2013

In „The Return of Moby Dick“ Silke Thoss gives the spectator an insight to her free world and variety of ideas. Inspired by the famous novel by Hermann Melville, the artist develops in her pointedly humorous paintings, an ironical, freaked out series of pictures, which also refers to the art production and its conditions with much esprit. The show is completed by objects, a painted product series of consumer items that look like from a parallel world. For example: Joke Soap is presented in the shop window which, after use, makes you laugh about everything. Just like in our complex designed consumer society, there is a big assortment of „mind-expanding“ cremes and soaps of the brand Silky, that work just contrary through its visual presence.

At the finissage on friday, september the 14th, Silky and the Tossers will perform in the exhibition, wich is also „Die lange Nacht der Bilder“ at Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg.

Silke Thoss – All Gallerists I Slept With ( the greatest show on earth )

Exhibition opening with concert on Fri. 5. August 2011 at 8 p.m.
Concert: Silky and the Tossers
The exhibition is extended until 24. September 2011

Silke Thoss All Galerists I Slept With The Greatest Show On Earth Gallery Crystal Ball Berlin
All Gallerists I Slept With, Silke Thoss

Crystal Ball gallery shows new paintings of Silke Thoss alias Silky. With a self deprecating view the works display perspectives on the art business. Silkys ingenious bad humor explains us in pictures and shiny banners the art world as a farce. As assumed, less its complexity, the world is divided in bad and good art. Her works show this in panoptical fabulous Landscapes filled with images from the earlier and older art history. „All Gallerist I Slept With“ quotes in an absurd and generating alliance the hell themes of Hieronymus Bosch too a work of Tracey Enim with a related title. The aura of the tent (Everyone I Slept With) from the artist Enim, where she sewed her lover’s names on, exposes itself in a hollow but ambitious strategy for attention and love, which is finally compensated with money.
In Concert: Silky and the Tossers

Art designs here a double headed chimera whose financial capital appears more than a digressive mutation of presumed reality against the basic of art production today. An ambiguous conniving world that bears lies, develop as the artist hell in fact in which sphere the partaken characters follow barefaced their low instincts.

In that the artist portraits herself with impertinent gallery owners, a freak ensemble; but pointing on her own responsibility. The Pinocchio like nose that is looking like a brush, symbol of truth and authenticity, is a tool that can create a lot and here in Silke Thoss work, its mission aware – paints like hell.

Silke Thoss – I Am More American Than You

18. 04. -30. 05. 2008
Installation/ Painting
Exhibition opening with performance by the artist
and music of The Cowboy Killers

I Am More American Than You, Silke Thoss, Painting on Wood

The artist Silke Thoss, alias Silky who many also may know from her innovative music projects will realize for her second exhibition in the Crystal Ball an installation, that will transform the whole gallery space into an american shop. Regarding this, the offered products in Silkys „Wal- Art“- Shop are coming out of her self- made, ironically painted parallel world. A one, that is more american, enigmatically bad, than that, we easily associate through our cultural experience with the U.S.A. in general.

Silke Thoss – It's Magic!

Saturday, the 3rd March 2007
Opening of the Gallery Crystal Ball Berlin

Exhibition Opening: Silke Thoss – It’s Magic !
Painting/ Performance

Silke Thoss: Art Cola, painting

Works by the artist Silke Thoss are presented in the opening exhibition of the Crystal Ball Gallery. With a musical performance by Silke Thoss, Mareike Hube and Ole Wulfers.

Silke Thoss: Smoke a litte bit longer
Crystal Ball Berlin