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Bei Anruf Hörspiel! – Der Club der Vorleser

ON CALL RADIO PLAY! Der Club der Vorleser!
Call us and we’ll read! Phone: 030 600 52 828
On Sunday, 14 October 2018 from 8 to 11 p.m.

Bei Anruf Hörspiel – Der Club der Vorleser zu Gast in der Galerie Crystal Ball – Dominique Wolf und Manfred Kirschner bei der Arbeit

The Readers’ Club is a guest of the Crystal Ball Gallery.
Our readers include Anthony Arndt / Adrian Zwicker/ Elsa Loy/ Björn von der Wellen/ Doreen Fietz/ Michael Simon de Normier/ Christoph Drobig / Sebastian Anton/ Lydia Karstadt/ Dominique Wolf.

No automats, call waiting loops, telerobots, voicemails, Twitter accounts and answering machines in which we get tangled up. The old wonderful form of communication of reading aloud is celebrated and celebrated by the club!
The Club of Readers has ten active members who come from the fields of acting, music, painting and alternative artistic fields. We are expanding and anyone who feels like reading can become an active member. This time you can also be there live and experience the quiet spectacle or read aloud yourself.
Because in the October edition of the Club of Readers in the Crystal Ball Gallery there will be breaks with intermission music and a singing barman. “Bei Anruf Hörspiel” currently has an active dialable telephone number that can only be called during the evening. We have an extensive potpourri with background music. We read poetry, newspaper reports, blogs, news, posts, firsts and everything that moves us. The present time in a work.

Another essential NOTE:
The number you are calling is available at the regular rate. We don’t make money with it, it is an experiment, an artistic project and a gift to you!

The Club of Readers & Crystal Ball
Dominique Wolf & Lydia Karstadt look forward to your calls and visits!

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