Galerie Crystal Ball

Kirsty Kross – Gang Bang Yin  Yang / Benjamin Blanke – The Fire Of My Love

Exhibition opening with performance,
Fr. 8. April at 8 p.m. – 15 p.m.
15. April 2011, open daily from 3 pm to 8 pm

Kirsty Kross Legs Akimbo Benjamin Blanke Gallery Crystal Ball Berlin

The miniature portrait series of Benjamin Blanke possess a special characteristic- a mannerist and ironic form of representation in portraiture. In most of the works, only the head of the subject is featured. Closely below the chin, on the neck, the composition abruptly ends, but still fills the pictorial space to the edge. The underlying theme of the works – physicalness, achieves in the reduced use of basic material, its subject.

Benjamin Blanke: Yul Brunner Gallery Crystal Ball
Yul Brunner, Benjamin Blake

The performances of Kirsty Kross alias Legs Akimbo, member of the popular band Team Plastique, involve creating situations where the audience experiments with social interaction and play within an improvised and flexible group context.

In GANG BANG YIN YANG the artist will also work with the ever-changing music ensemble, The Love Hospital Experimental Orchestra, to create an anti-perfectionist Happening between two polar extremes. The exhibiton features drawings of the artist as well as the results of the action.
Gang Bang, Kirsty Kross, Performance
Kirsty Kross Legs Akimbo Galerie Crystal Ball Berlin
Legs Akimbo, Kirsty Kross, Performance

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