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Kirsty Kross – Lost and maybe even possibly Found, featuring the performance "We are so happy, really, really happy. We are so happy, yes, yes"

A conversation on German with the accent of the bourgeoisie of Sydney to the melody of Kylie Minogue.
Opening: 19.10.2012, 8 p.m. – Finissage & Performance: 16.11 2012, 8 p.m.

Kirsty Kross Lost and possibly possibly Found Gallery Crystal Ball Berlin
Lost and perhaps possibly Found, Kirsty Kross, Performance

Kirsty Kross about her installation and performance: “I analyze and compare a series of objects from my childhood focusing mostly on my bedspread from the age of 2 to 20 years old, with the bedspread I desperately wanted at the age of 12. The bedspread from my childhood was by the Finnish design brand, Marimekko. The bedspread I desperately wanted was by the Australian designer Ken Done, who my parents hated. I will also analyze other objects from my childhood. This sounds highly self indulgent, but I actually want to explore memories associated with growing up in Australia that reflect beliefs of cultural insecurity and inferiority in relationship to Europe, the complex relationship of many European Australians to the landscape and indigenous Australians and the anxiety many Australians feel in trying to construct a sense of authenticity. In doing so, “Lost and perhaps even possibly Found” explores the varied and changeable meaning of objects and how objects reflect, but also construct identity.”

Biography: Born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and based in Berlin since 2004. Kirsty Kross performed for ten years with the art and music group, Team Plastique. The band experimented with the relationship between the Performer and the Audience. Now Kirsty Kross explores similar contexts in relation to her artwork. Her work deals with History, Post-Colonialism, Myth, Feminism and Autobiography as well as the Human Condition.

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