Galerie Crystal Ball

Christine Schulz – Gedankenturm III

Opening Reception Sat. January 6th, 2024

Until february 9th., irregurlarly & by appointment
visible daily, from 7- 10 pm from outside

Christine Schulz – Gedankenturm III, Worpswede, 2022

The artist Christine Schulz has already created two installations under the title “Gedankenturm” (Tower of Thoughts), which very effectively combine images, objects and projections into a whole using the techniques of collage and consciously evoke associations. In Christine Schulz’s installations, the respective location always occupies an important position; the architecture is part of the work and gives space to the images and, above all, the light images. Light and illumination, the illuminated and object-like image in connection with its reflection, physically or in terms of content, are important design features of the artist’s work.

Movement is now added in Gedankenturm II and III. Despite the solid, profound materials used, Christine Schulz is not interested in conveying a single fixed message. On the contrary, through the fleeting and chronologically varying style of her buildings, she keeps the eye on connections and contexts of meaning that take us along as viewers in an open form. The poetic title: Tower of Thought already gives a hint. Can we pile up thoughts? Perhaps this is how it should be understood; the thoughts and ideas that we build on top of each other result in a construct of argumentation and chains of evidence, realities. A kind of ideal building that results from our perceptions. But is this not the danger of failure? Isn’t this precisely why we are threatened with the collapse of our constructions that we thought were safe? The artist Christine Schulz playfully makes this invisible structure visible to us in her installations by simultaneously relativizing it. She combines and assembles universals, objects, images and apparent trifles to create a living space. Originals and representatives of our world interact with each other through light, position, reflection and mirroring. She sets an airplane in motion, brings our sun, the star that sustains us, into the exhibition space and relates it to the projection of empty Coke bottles, a tinsel curtain in front of steel pipes and other objects. On the one hand, it is possible to enter this narrative landscape and its changing perspectives, to wander through it mentally. On the other hand, we can see the construction plan shining through in this suspension of opposites, i.e. the oscillation of our perception between poetics and a neutral view. In this way, we see both the world presented to us and the thoughts that create it. In the construction of reality, we discover a cycle, a complex network of relationships that can be both poetically and intellectually illuminating.

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