Galerie Crystal Ball

Piece Shop

8.12. – 31.12. 2023 open by appointment

Der Piece Shop und das saisonale, wechselnde Schaufenster dazu.

At first glance, the shop window of the Piece Shop looks like a romantic winter cliché. However, the artificial snow is made from shredded bank statements from the gallery and the works and offers on display subtly indicate that something is not quite right here or what it seems. An exhibition that only works at second glance. Lydia Karstadt and Gabriele Regiert have created two new screen print editions for the changing installation.

In the Piece Shop we are showing works by: Henrik Jacob, Miriam Jadischke, Vikenti Komitski, Andreas Kotulla, Sigrun Paulsen, Gabriele Regiert, Silky, Caren Sielaff and other artists.

It all began with the first “Prêt á Manger” edition, which Gabriele Regiert designed especially for the Crystal Ball in 2017. Still an absolute bestseller today. In the meantime, the crispbread
has to be ordered abroad. Around 80 small beads are then also worked into the low points of the bread slice. Signed on the back with the artist’s nail polish, they are framed in the exhibition space. The last examples of the serial unique pieces now cost 140 plus shipping.
Now, however, Lydia Karstadt & Gabriele Regiert have started a brand new series: There will be the official Prêt á Manger T Shirt ! (Price: 90,- €) After some refinements in the production technique, because we are now really approaching the Prê á porter with the sewing on of the beads, we are going into production from today. 🙂 Pre-orders possible! The edition is for the benefit of the exhibition space and the artist.

In addition to the new Pret â Mànger Edition, Lydia Karstadt offers the exceptional I- Shirt. Alongside the I Phone and I Pad, this is an indispensable, electronic-free accessory. The portrait of one of her eyes is transferred to her T-shirt.
The store is open on Fri. Dec. 8 and Sat. Dec. 9 from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. and afterwards by appointment.

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