Galerie Crystal Ball

Deplacer – Deplatzieren

Opening of the exhibition at the Crystal Ball Gallery:
Sat. 1. October 2011 at 8 pm with a performance by Nicolas Puyjalon.

Attention: An exhibition in two locations. Palace of Culture Wedding International, opens the first part with performance on the previous day: Fr. the 30th September at 8 p.m.
The exhibitions are curated by Kurt Forever

deplacer deplatzieren Galerie Crystal Ball Berlin
deplacer deplatzieren, Galerie Crystal Ball Berlin

Group exhibitons/ participating artists:

  • Amélie Bertrand
  • Vincent Busson
  • Sarah Duby
  • Ariel Fleiszbein
  • Benoit Géhanne
  • Aurélie Godard
  • Flandin & Waré
  • Nicolas Puyjalon
  • Edgar Guilmoto

Roger Caillois notes the extreme case of these insects which, because they imitate so perfectly their habitat, end up disappearing completely in the uniformity of the same uninterrupted texture. Some will talk about tactic of predation or defence mechanism, but Caillois refutes this interpretation. He deduces: this mimicry aiming to decrease differences between the organism and his environment would actually cause a depersonalization – because an effective imitation can erase any variation or boundary from one to the other, the individual being resorbed in this surrounding space he wanted to merge with.

Caillois raises the question of the limit or outline; and against this radical ontological erasing of camouflage, he pleads in favour of dissimilarities. The animal mimicry, ultimate example of an ideal of harmonization between the figure and the background, points the risk of entropy. A solution: set against the laws of the semblance the effervescence of the irregularities. DEPLATZIEREN, to fight against this deletion of the distinctions which the repetition of the same generates. DEPLATZIEREN, so disorder and disruption can take shape. As metonymy, moving the value of the representations. And assert, beyond what conventions indicate as good shape or tolerate as manifest content, these incongruities – all these things which, precisely because they clash, also incite to reconsider connections and to open new fields.

Text written by Marion Delage de Luget

Crystal Ball Berlin