Galerie Crystal Ball

Crystal Ball Book Salon

Origin artist books and performances
From April to June 2021

The exhibition is on, you can visit the Book Salon according to the actual Covid 19 pandemic regultations for Berlin. Please contact us for an appointment!

The GCB Book Salon – Collage von Lydia Karstadt, 2021

The Crystal Ball Book Salon features original book art, artists’ books and performances. The salon has a fireplace, a carpet and comfortable seating on which you can rest in a pleasant atmosphere and look at the artistically designed books. You can visit the salon individually or by household, according to the currently valid hygiene rules. Here on our website we´ll show you the performances of the participating performance artists recorded in the salon.

im Avignon, Julia Appelt, Marion Bösen, Herve Cabin,
Françoise Cactus, Claudia Christoffel, Stefan Demming,
Roland Eckelt, Evita Emersleben, Gabi Garland, Elke Graalfs,
Marco Goldenstein, Henrik Jacob, Manfred Kirschner, Andreas Kotulla,
Miriam Jadischke, Lydia Karstadt, Patricia Lippert, Julia Neuenhausen, Sigrun Paulsen,
Wolfgang Müller/ Ogar Grafe, Monika Müller-Kroll, Ulrike Kötz,
Isolde Loock, Javier Lozano, Namosh, Pia E. van Nuland, Sigrun Paulsen,
Magnús Pálsson, Gabriele Regiert, Inken Reinert,
Stefan Ruf, Berit Schneider, Frank Schoppmeier,
Bea Schlingelhoff, Veronika Schumacher, Kathrin Schädlich,
Michael Schädlich, Peter Schneckenberg, Spunk Seipel, Annette Stemmann,
Streichelwurst, Rolf Thiele, Felix Gonzales-Torres, Tamara Trölsch,
Treuka, Robert Urban, Oliver Voigt, Heike Walter,
Sabine Wewer, Daniel Wolter and further artists.

Special Gallery Weekend, May ’21

With his song “Bücher lieben dich!” Frank Schoppmeier brings meaningfulness to the book salon, followed by Caren Sielaff, who warns in her song “Datenhintertür” of the dangers of increasing digitalization. Two specials for the Gallery Weekend, May 2021.

Performances #1

On Friday 28 May, Lydia Karstadt, Caren Sielaff and Frank Schoppmeier will perform in front of the gallery:

Book presentation & reading by Manfred Kirschner: “Going crazy in East Germany / Rügen mon Amour”.

Caren Sielaff with her new song: “Berlin Online

and Degustazione-Special: We will open some natural wines from our friends from the Sette Aje in Sicily for you to taste.

Performance #2 Books alone at home!

The book salon has been fully set up for a few days now, but since it seems hardly practical for visitors to embark on a voyage of discovery here at the moment, the books are taking on a life of their own ……

Stefan Ruf, 360° Buch Salon, books allone at home

The works Lydia Karstadt has collected in her book Salon are no hot potatoes – but the matter must nevertheless be approached with a little courage. Tackling and opening up requires more than just a brief overview that exposes the works at a calculable distance. Approach with initiative. Ah, here is a stack of photo books. What’s in this box? Unboxing Streichelwurst. Underneath, Unboxing Latin Lovers… Funny, it’s not what I expected at all … ah … Latin for Lovers – that’s what the second reading says … Time slips away, new systems of order emerge and disintegrate. At the end, stretched out on the chaise longue – the flames in the fireplace give a cosy atmosphere …. To be continued.

Bicicletta Disko Service

Bicicletta Disko Service, climate neutral dancing in the gallery Crystal Ball, 2019

On August 17th in the Crystal Ball debuts a new disco invention, which recently celebrated a preview in the Eloi & Morlock performance by Manfred Kirschner and Oliver Voigt.

Eloi & Morlock, Manfred Kirschner/ Olive Voigt, Performance 48h Neukölln

From 7 p.m. Lydia Karstadt invites you to the summer party and climate-neutral dancing with the Bicicletta Disco Service, the world novelty in the disco business. One person rides a bike and the others can listen to music and dance. The inventors, the Ersatzschrankorchester from Berlin Frohnau, are happy about numerous disc jockeys and dancing audience at this art event!

In the meantime our Bicicletta Disco Service has been booked for many events and functions. For example 2019 in the music video for “Ohne Musik” by Stereo Total

Keine Musik mehr…
Bicicletta Disko Service in “Ohne Musik”, Stereo Total, music video, 2019

Arielle C. Schuberti – Ich bin Ich

Vernissage with performance, Fr. 8 February 2018 at 8 p.m.

Look out! The exhibition was destroyed and disposed of at the vernissage, in a performance by the artist. Please note the upcoming documentary publication about this: “Ich bin ich – Coming son. You can still purchase a few fragments of the works.

La Tour Eiffel, Installation/ Detail, Arielle C. Schubert, Berlin 2018
La Tour Eiffel, Installation/ Detail, Arielle C. Schuberti, Galerie Crystal Ball Berlin 2018

Arielle Charlotte Schuberti studied Lingiustics, Veterinary Medicine and Art at various international universities for a few semesters at a time because she wanted to optimize her studies more objectively, as she says. This strategy is typical for the artist, whose character works more than her impetus. Her artistic approach is therefore determined by a very high degree of subjectivity and a conscious, naïve egocentricity. The thematic fields; emotion, Paris, relationships and fashion are constantly interwoven in her works. The use of lipstick, glitter and powder is her trademark, an almost piled up, narcissistic expression, which moves to the edge of non-art and ugliness. In doing so, the artist masterfully knows how to overstep the balance, thus exercising a sublime criticism of the star cult and artistic elevation in the art context. On the one hand, the resonance of her work radiates beyond the boundaries of her mere, banal working materials. On the other hand they are pure and unmistakable. With her artistic position she sets a counterpoint and thus successfully moves out of the shadow of her equally polarizing, famous father. In the first exhibition of her works in Berlin, Arielle C. Schubert is also showing installations from last year for the first time.

Arielle Charlotte Schuberti a passé plusieurs semestres à étudier la linguistique, la médecine vétérinaire et l’art dans diverses universités internationales, car elle cherchait à optimiser ses études de manière plus objective, dit-elle. Cette stratégie est typique de l’artiste, dont le personnage travaille plus sur son élan. Son approche artistique est donc déterminée par un très haut degré de subjectivité et ainsi quun égocentrisme conscient et naïf. Les thèmes comme les émotions, Paris, les relations amoureuses et la mode sont les principaux sujets inspirants son travail. L’utilisation de rouge à lèvres, de paillettes et de poudre à farder sont sa marque de fabrique résultant une expression narcissique pure, qui va au-delà du non-art et du laid. L’artiste sait comment transcender avec brio son équilibre et exerce ainsi une critique sublime du culte de la star et du rehaussement artistique dans le contexte de l’art. D’une part, la résonance de son travail dépasse les limites de ses matériaux de travail banal. D’un autre côté, ils sont purs et indéniables. Avec sa position artistique, elle établit un contrepoint et sort avec succès de l’ombre de son célèbre père, tout aussi polarisant. Arielle C. Schuberti présenteras lors de sa première exposition à Berlin des installations crées lors de l’année écoulée. L’exposition “Ich bin Ich” ainsi que la biographie de l’artiste sont des inventions du groupe d’artistes français “Pas de Costmes” qui a quitté Berlin en 2018. Et c’est d’ailleur toute l’absurdité avec « Pas de Costumes » qui jouant sur les ambivalences vont jusqu’à faire croire qu’Arielle aurait supposé la création de ce groupe d’artistes. Le soir du vernissage fera également lieu de tournage.

Trailer: Arielle C. Schubert – Ich bin Ich

The exhibition “Ich bin Ich” including the artist’s biography is an invention of the French artist group “Pas de Costumes” who actually left Berlin in 2018. But exactly this can never be said for “Pas de Costumes”, it could be more about the ambivalence of this state of affairs, since one could again assume that Arielle invented this group of artists.

Silky – Don´t think  about it!


Vernissage on Fr. 2 February 2018 at 19:00
Finissage with musical performance on So. 11 March at 5 p.m.

Yeah, Silke, sculpture 




About 11 years ago, in March 2007,  Crystal Ball Gallery opened with an exhibition by the artist and musician Silke Thoss aka Silky. With “Don’t think about it!” Silky shows in her fourth presentation at Crystal Ball, a space related installation, an extraordinary set design, made of painted objects – pictorial, illuminated signs and billboards. In the interplay of language, light effects, sound and fog, they simulate an urban external advertising situation. The billboards, which are known from many films, metropolitan situations, are iconographically occupied by the artist with ironic references and meanings. Within the space, these communicate in an associative collage.

Silky’s humorous strategy in the implementation of her ideas creates a smart lightness that works in a laconic and sublime way. She owns an extraordinary position in the art business, as she does not impose any elitist attributions. In a time when social energies are special, this work can be considered as real fortune. Therefore I am very happy to be able to show Silky in the jubilee year of the gallery!

The exhibition will also feature smaller multiples by the artist.


Analog Cut – Record Release Performance

Mireille & Matthieu Analog Cut Performance
Mireille & Matthieu Analog Cut Performance

For this happening the artsong Duo Mireille & Matthieu are heading the evening with the release of their first live recorded 7 inch. Marco Pellegrino (Rome) from Analogcut Records is recording and directly cutting a record from the live set. Other bands and artists joining the happening and will play and record live and the audience will be able to get a copy of a unique designed vinyl single of their favourite artist or even directly contribute to a record.

Kirsty Kross – Lost and maybe even possibly Found, featuring the performance "We are so happy, really, really happy. We are so happy, yes, yes"

A conversation on German with the accent of the bourgeoisie of Sydney to the melody of Kylie Minogue.
Opening: 19.10.2012, 8 p.m. – Finissage & Performance: 16.11 2012, 8 p.m.

Kirsty Kross Lost and possibly possibly Found Gallery Crystal Ball Berlin
Lost and perhaps possibly Found, Kirsty Kross, Performance

Kirsty Kross about her installation and performance: “I analyze and compare a series of objects from my childhood focusing mostly on my bedspread from the age of 2 to 20 years old, with the bedspread I desperately wanted at the age of 12. The bedspread from my childhood was by the Finnish design brand, Marimekko. The bedspread I desperately wanted was by the Australian designer Ken Done, who my parents hated. I will also analyze other objects from my childhood. This sounds highly self indulgent, but I actually want to explore memories associated with growing up in Australia that reflect beliefs of cultural insecurity and inferiority in relationship to Europe, the complex relationship of many European Australians to the landscape and indigenous Australians and the anxiety many Australians feel in trying to construct a sense of authenticity. In doing so, “Lost and perhaps even possibly Found” explores the varied and changeable meaning of objects and how objects reflect, but also construct identity.”

Biography: Born in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, and based in Berlin since 2004. Kirsty Kross performed for ten years with the art and music group, Team Plastique. The band experimented with the relationship between the Performer and the Audience. Now Kirsty Kross explores similar contexts in relation to her artwork. Her work deals with History, Post-Colonialism, Myth, Feminism and Autobiography as well as the Human Condition.

Silke Thoss – All Gallerists I Slept With ( the greatest show on earth )

Exhibition opening with concert on Fri. 5. August 2011 at 8 p.m.
Concert: Silky and the Tossers
The exhibition is extended until 24. September 2011

Silke Thoss All Galerists I Slept With The Greatest Show On Earth Gallery Crystal Ball Berlin
All Gallerists I Slept With, Silke Thoss

Crystal Ball gallery shows new paintings of Silke Thoss alias Silky. With a self deprecating view the works display perspectives on the art business. Silkys ingenious bad humor explains us in pictures and shiny banners the art world as a farce. As assumed, less its complexity, the world is divided in bad and good art. Her works show this in panoptical fabulous Landscapes filled with images from the earlier and older art history. „All Gallerist I Slept With“ quotes in an absurd and generating alliance the hell themes of Hieronymus Bosch too a work of Tracey Enim with a related title. The aura of the tent (Everyone I Slept With) from the artist Enim, where she sewed her lover’s names on, exposes itself in a hollow but ambitious strategy for attention and love, which is finally compensated with money.

In Concert: Silky and the Tossers

Art designs here a double headed chimera whose financial capital appears more than a digressive mutation of presumed reality against the basic of art production today. An ambiguous conniving world that bears lies, develop as the artist hell in fact in which sphere the partaken characters follow barefaced their low instincts.

In that the artist portraits herself with impertinent gallery owners, a freak ensemble; but pointing on her own responsibility. The Pinocchio like nose that is looking like a brush, symbol of truth and authenticity, is a tool that can create a lot and here in Silke Thoss work, its mission aware – paints like hell.

Elke Graalfs – Over The Hill

Painting/ Installation/ Performan
ce14.05.2011 to 17.06.2011
Opening at Fr. 13 May 2011 at 8 p.m.
with performance by the artist: Rote Beete, weißes Beten
until 17.6. with finissage and performance: No!

Elke Graalfs Over The Hill Gallery Crystal Ball Berlin
Over The Hill, Elke Graalfs, Photo: Michael Jungblut

There is space above the hill. This space is imagination, a floating condition. The art works of Elke Graalfs move in inner, as much as in physical spheres. Tracks and tasks always link biographical experiences that can be recorded automatically in pictures and also in books to explore the hidden. Colour, constitutional material, is understood like fibre and track of stereoscopic construction that heighten the aspect of an absent reality. The coats, the pullovers, the knitted human gown, are images of a protective weaved cover, which hide here an invisible body. Painting expands over the borders of frame and casts into the three dimensional. The land and subject of dream. Like something whose weight is hypothetically heavy realised in suspension, shows up the visionary. Body’s physicalness, universal of our life description, gets the material for emanation of our needs and longings. Fortune is according to Schopenhauer the absence of pain, but here its admiration to the current existence of our self. The artist defines this in an alchemistic manner, the combination of polar ingredient in favour to the investigation and creation of impossibility.

At the opening of the exhibition, Elke Graalfs presents the performance “Red Beds – White Prayer”

Format_Kartei – Bicicletta Disko Service-eng

Already a few times the turntable has turned because of our Bicicletta Disko Service. Climate neutral disco promise invites you to join in. With our orange 70s avant-garde trim bike we generate electricity and power a 12 volt record player and a speaker system including lighting. All visitors are invited to join in and dance! We are looking forward to the next event.

Crystal Ball Berlin