Galerie Crystal Ball

Silke Thoss – All Gallerists I Slept With ( the greatest show on earth )

Exhibition opening with concert on Fri. 5. August 2011 at 8 p.m.
Concert: Silky and the Tossers
The exhibition is extended until 24. September 2011

Silke Thoss All Galerists I Slept With The Greatest Show On Earth Gallery Crystal Ball Berlin
All Gallerists I Slept With, Silke Thoss

Crystal Ball gallery shows new paintings of Silke Thoss alias Silky. With a self deprecating view the works display perspectives on the art business. Silkys ingenious bad humor explains us in pictures and shiny banners the art world as a farce. As assumed, less its complexity, the world is divided in bad and good art. Her works show this in panoptical fabulous Landscapes filled with images from the earlier and older art history. „All Gallerist I Slept With“ quotes in an absurd and generating alliance the hell themes of Hieronymus Bosch too a work of Tracey Enim with a related title. The aura of the tent (Everyone I Slept With) from the artist Enim, where she sewed her lover’s names on, exposes itself in a hollow but ambitious strategy for attention and love, which is finally compensated with money.
In Concert: Silky and the Tossers

Art designs here a double headed chimera whose financial capital appears more than a digressive mutation of presumed reality against the basic of art production today. An ambiguous conniving world that bears lies, develop as the artist hell in fact in which sphere the partaken characters follow barefaced their low instincts.

In that the artist portraits herself with impertinent gallery owners, a freak ensemble; but pointing on her own responsibility. The Pinocchio like nose that is looking like a brush, symbol of truth and authenticity, is a tool that can create a lot and here in Silke Thoss work, its mission aware – paints like hell.

Elke Graalfs – Over The Hill

Painting/ Installation/ Performan
ce14.05.2011 to 17.06.2011
Opening at Fr. 13 May 2011 at 8 p.m.
with performance by the artist: Rote Beete, weißes Beten
until 17.6. with finissage and performance: No!

Elke Graalfs Over The Hill Gallery Crystal Ball Berlin
Over The Hill, Elke Graalfs, Photo: Michael Jungblut

There is space above the hill. This space is imagination, a floating condition. The art works of Elke Graalfs move in inner, as much as in physical spheres. Tracks and tasks always link biographical experiences that can be recorded automatically in pictures and also in books to explore the hidden. Colour, constitutional material, is understood like fibre and track of stereoscopic construction that heighten the aspect of an absent reality. The coats, the pullovers, the knitted human gown, are images of a protective weaved cover, which hide here an invisible body. Painting expands over the borders of frame and casts into the three dimensional. The land and subject of dream. Like something whose weight is hypothetically heavy realised in suspension, shows up the visionary. Body’s physicalness, universal of our life description, gets the material for emanation of our needs and longings. Fortune is according to Schopenhauer the absence of pain, but here its admiration to the current existence of our self. The artist defines this in an alchemistic manner, the combination of polar ingredient in favour to the investigation and creation of impossibility.
At the opening of the exhibition, Elke Graalfs presents the performance “Red Beds – White Prayer”

Crystal Ball Berlin