Galerie Crystal Ball

Bicicletta Disko Service

Bicicletta Disko Service, climate neutral dancing in the gallery Crystal Ball, 2019

On August 17th in the Crystal Ball debuts a new disco invention, which recently celebrated a preview in the Eloi & Morlock performance by Manfred Kirschner and Oliver Voigt.

Eloi & Morlock, Manfred Kirschner/ Olive Voigt, Performance 48h Neukölln

From 7 p.m. Lydia Karstadt invites you to the summer party and climate-neutral dancing with the Bicicletta Disco Service, the world novelty in the disco business. One person rides a bike and the others can listen to music and dance. The inventors, the Ersatzschrankorchester from Berlin Frohnau, are happy about numerous disc jockeys and dancing audience at this art event!

In the meantime our Bicicletta Disco Service has been booked for many events and functions. For example 2019 in the music video for “Ohne Musik” by Stereo Total

Keine Musik mehr…
Bicicletta Disko Service in “Ohne Musik”, Stereo Total, music video, 2019

Café Tasse

Opening: 24.04.2018 from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Café Tasse c/o Crystal Ball

It’s that time again! As Lydia Karstadt, who has curated Crystal Ball since 2016, recently remarked, “Fuck the White Cube!”
The art center Crystal Ball is transforming itself again and again into a café? But why? Because Crystal Ball has something that other cafés don’t have! Real, real, old cups that you can take away as a “to go” and gentrification-free coffee! There are performances by Caren Sielaff, Lydia, Rias, the soundtrack by DJ Catastrophé and Steffi on the floor and at the coffee machine. There are also pictures on the walls. One could almost think there is a concept behind it.

Our temporary “Star Up Company” runs for one afternoon until the evening. If you want, bring a cake to the disco. The exhibition shows first results of the Collage-Garage Workshop as well as works by: Caren Sielaff, Mini Mo, Carola Humboldt, Tamara Trölsch and Natascha Frioud.

Bei Anruf Hörspiel! – Der Club der Vorleser

ON CALL RADIO PLAY! Der Club der Vorleser!
Call us and we’ll read! Phone: 030 600 52 828
On Sunday, 14 October 2018 from 8 to 11 p.m.

Bei Anruf Hörspiel – Der Club der Vorleser zu Gast in der Galerie Crystal Ball – Dominique Wolf und Manfred Kirschner bei der Arbeit

The Readers’ Club is a guest of the Crystal Ball Gallery.
Our readers include Anthony Arndt / Adrian Zwicker/ Elsa Loy/ Björn von der Wellen/ Doreen Fietz/ Michael Simon de Normier/ Christoph Drobig / Sebastian Anton/ Lydia Karstadt/ Dominique Wolf.

No automats, call waiting loops, telerobots, voicemails, Twitter accounts and answering machines in which we get tangled up. The old wonderful form of communication of reading aloud is celebrated and celebrated by the club!
The Club of Readers has ten active members who come from the fields of acting, music, painting and alternative artistic fields. We are expanding and anyone who feels like reading can become an active member. This time you can also be there live and experience the quiet spectacle or read aloud yourself.
Because in the October edition of the Club of Readers in the Crystal Ball Gallery there will be breaks with intermission music and a singing barman. “Bei Anruf Hörspiel” currently has an active dialable telephone number that can only be called during the evening. We have an extensive potpourri with background music. We read poetry, newspaper reports, blogs, news, posts, firsts and everything that moves us. The present time in a work.

Another essential NOTE:
The number you are calling is available at the regular rate. We don’t make money with it, it is an experiment, an artistic project and a gift to you!

The Club of Readers & Crystal Ball
Dominique Wolf & Lydia Karstadt look forward to your calls and visits!

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jesusboutique – The Collection

The collection, Performance on 10. January 2015 at 7 p.m.

The collection Jesusboutique Galerie Crystal Ball Berlin Manfred Kirschner
Frank Schoppmeier, Manfred Kirschner, Collection
The Collection, Jesusboutique, Berlin, January 2015

On the 10th. On January 1, Jesusboutique presents a fashion performance for visual arts at the Crystal Ball.

Ersatzcafé Unst – Unst Künstlergruppe

Ersatzcafé Unst – We are the decoration for your life !
Opening on Sat. 1. June 2014 at 3 p.m.

Ersatzcafé Unst

At the same time as three new cafés open in Schönleinstraße, we are opening another café. The 51st in the Gräfekiez. Yeah!

Under the motto: “Whatever you want”, the replacement café Unst offers delicious freeze-dried coffee and wonderful confectionary simplicity and is clearly avant-garde because art will get the boot!

While the global power consumption is increasing gigantically (55 million new individualistic photos every day at instagram! ) and huge storage cities are being created for this, we are only running one kettle. Photography and phone calls are prohibited! Not on facebook, twitter, instagram & Co!tagram & Co!

Many artists from the neighborhood are working on it: It is the decoration of your life! Come in and get out!

jesusboutique – Wenn wir tot sind

Opening on Thursday, 22 November at 3 pm
22.11.2012 – 10.1.2013

Jesus boutique

With their Christmas Show: “When we are dead” the artist collective “Jesusboutique” are creating an arbitrary presentation, ironically focused on new nerve-racking tendencies in art context. Jesusboutique will work as always on things they just want to do and the connected expactations with. There has been speculation that their first record will be published at the end of the show, January next year. We are most certainly excited for what they are going to hammer this time at Crystal Ball because that is said here could be different. In order of the concept the showing does not have regulary opening times – so give the gallery a call before or a knock on the door.

Komoteereeo – The Greek Hair cut

Opening on Fri. 27. April 2012 at 8 p.m.
with Greek delicacies and hair performances
27.04.2012 to 6.05 2012.
Exhibition and hair salon open daily from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Akis Akila Komoteereeo Hair Salon Gallery Crystal Ball
Akis Akila Komoteereeo Hair Salon

Komoteereeo Hair Salon : Katia – Hair by Akis Akila
Komoteereeo – The Greek Haircut

The gallery transformes into a hair-dressing salon. Young, talented Greek hair-dresser Akis Akila will be showing off
his skills on cutting and styling your hair, while you can enjoy a hair-themed exhibition illustrating the financial
crisis. At the same time, you´ll be able to taste traditional greek delicacies.

Participating artists:

Nina Byttebier, Marion Bösen, Die Tödliche Doris, Elke Graalfs, Henrik Jacob, Juwelia, Manfred Kirschner, Frank Schoppmeier, Rania Aravidou , Sabine Wewer, Silky,Veronika Schumacher and Tzortzis Tatavlalis .

jesusboutique – Restposten aus Berlin

Opening on Friday, 19. November 2010 at 7 p.m.
only until Sunday, 21. November 2010, 10 pm

jesusboutique: Remaining posts from Berlin, autumn/winter 2010
Remaining items from Berlin, autumn/winter 2011

The artists of jesusboutique collected for more than one and a half year clothes which they found on the streets of Berlin. They cleaned and stored these safely. Now jesusboutique present their collection in a three day exhibition as a stock lot shop that ironically fits into the neighbourhood with its shops “Mode aus Paris” and “Restposten aus London”. Sometimes the found items are even coming from this extremely price reduced shops. Forced by the modern clothing industry, social and ecological exploitation produces as a side effect a current obsolescence that represents itself explicitly in its exercised throw-away mentality. In “Restposten aus Berlin” the significance and its depreciation get together in relation on each other in a changing room.jesusboutique presenting a gratis collection: The spring/summer, autumn/winter 2011!

jesusboutique Restposten from Berlin Galerie Crystal Ball Berlin

jesusboutique – All You Need Is Lost

27. August – 10. October 2010
Sa. 2. October: Long Night of Performance

jesus boutique all you need is lost
All you need is lost , Jesus Boutique:

The actions of the jesusboutique artists focus in their work political and social absurdity. In this relation they unmask the subjective as a reflection of an illusion and distortion of own sense. One could say in their installations and performances jesusboutique act as the narrative element in an apparently demystified outside world. So they offered the Temporäre Kunsthalle including the actual exhibition (curated by John Bock) and associated café and bookshop on the web site “immobilienscout24”. The hall that is to be finally closed and deconstructed on the 31st of august should be, according to the artist duo leaded to a wise aim. Through the fact of its actual installation the building features 3 attached floors with enough space to live. In case that it is to break away categorically, jesusboutique propose that the “Palast der Republik” should be reconstructed to stand as a steady spot for a Kunsthalle in Berlin. It is to fight against waste and hedonism. Political, Social and cultural disparities are to be dissolved. Art is to be dying says jesusboutique, while Jonathan Meese is proclaiming the revolution of it, they claim to release it from its sickness. From the 27th of august the actors of jesusboutique show “All You Need Is Lost” and fill the space with paintings, clothes and what they like to do, of Crystal Ball gallery in Kreuzberg. In winter the first record of jesusboutique will be released.

jesus boutique all you need is lost

Crystal Ball Berlin