Galerie Crystal Ball

Henrik Jacob – Bjuti

Exhibition opening on Fr. 25. May 2012 at 8 p.m.
25.05.2012 – 03.08.2012
In concert: Hazi Bros.

Henrik Jacob - Bjuti-Galerie Crystal Ball Berlin
Bjuti, Henrik Jacob

BJUTI is the imitation BEAUTY. Like a new coffee pot, raw glued together from the shards of the old. And that sounds different. Because you make music with coffee pots these days.
Bjuti, Henrik Jacob

You can see:

Current kneading images and other pictorial objects: Yetis, African Sculptures, Bodymen, Closed Clubs, the Hairy Tales, collages and drawings as well as kneading records played with conventional turntables.

The basis of the work of Henrik Jacobs is an exuberant fund, a random noise of  post-modern images. After being motivated by complexity and philosophical research, Jacob’s installations show off his artistic skills with a comedic-analytical strategy, a humorous combinatorial technique of the mass and its consensual images with the private, the materials and working methods of the hobby that can merge with those of the museum-like. A very simple worked out multimedia aesthetic.
In his modeling pictures that have been shown in London (black and white clay), the artist uses a rather non artistic, living material, which helps in conveying a very aesthetic and realistic result, discarding the notion and the desires of an eternal and monumental work of art.

The variability, the moldable, is that life is itself the materiality of art. Just as in frozen states of aggregation, this completed art,  shows its return to transformation again. In the impressionist paintings, its kneaded information (image pixels) is translated by the artist in a sculptural, three-dimensional experiential reality. He presents the subject as an elastic-solidified whole with personal fingerprints. Object and image are intertwined things about its physicality. The classic gestures of his own body are therefore also an equal material, as is a blurred picture of a Yeti in the snow storm or the tattooed body of  “Colourful” – the artist’s corner neighbour who is also, a bodybuilder.
Henrik Jacobs’ method of insulation, installation and collage has different levels of meaning and therefore frees the content. In previous shows, a feng shui master was consulted or advice has been given through reading from coffee leftovers. For this show in Crystal Ball Gallery, the artist presents a new series, which is on the verge of achieving the “perfect image”. The “Hairy Tales” are a series of portrait landscapes: Behind a wood painted portrait with a hole-for-a-head, Jacob has assembled landscape images that automatically take (as in head-through mock-ups) the functions of a face. That view demonstrates our archetypes: clouds build eyes, groups of trees form nostrils and dimples, all visions of an imaginary face. Our view and thoughts demonstrate through the pictures that we remain always in search of the reliable and real, but in the end it’s our own heads that are being put through these holes by Henric Jacob . Bravo!

Annette Stemmann – Jobcenter

In the summer of 2012, the artist Annette Stemmann created a new wallpaper for the exhibition “Endstation Künstler” in the “Ostfriesland” (Studio by Elke Graalfs), which we would like to present here. The artist brings a closely taboo topic of the cultural enterprise into a public context and at the same time amusingly visualizes the symptoms of a faulty and human “managing” apparatus, the ALG2. (To enlarge the details please click on the wallpaper )

Jobcenter Tapete, Annette Stemmann, Berlin 2012

Komoteereeo – The Greek Hair cut

Opening on Fri. 27. April 2012 at 8 p.m.
with Greek delicacies and hair performances
27.04.2012 to 6.05 2012.
Exhibition and hair salon open daily from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m.

Akis Akila Komoteereeo Hair Salon Gallery Crystal Ball
Akis Akila Komoteereeo Hair Salon

Komoteereeo Hair Salon : Katia – Hair by Akis Akila
Komoteereeo – The Greek Haircut

The gallery transformes into a hair-dressing salon. Young, talented Greek hair-dresser Akis Akila will be showing off
his skills on cutting and styling your hair, while you can enjoy a hair-themed exhibition illustrating the financial
crisis. At the same time, you´ll be able to taste traditional greek delicacies.

Participating artists:

Nina Byttebier, Marion Bösen, Die Tödliche Doris, Elke Graalfs, Henrik Jacob, Juwelia, Manfred Kirschner, Frank Schoppmeier, Rania Aravidou , Sabine Wewer, Silky,Veronika Schumacher and Tzortzis Tatavlalis .

Rolf Thiele – In der Kunst sein

A lecture in two parts, in two places, on two evenings

Rolf Thiele: “Being in art” Contemplates a Feeling
No Theory, but Speaking and Showing as Artistic Practice

1.” Being in art, impersonal. The indifference.” Art
can only be taught, explained by speaking in art, and not by talking about art. (RT) Mr President, I would like to thank

on Saturday the 21st April 2012 at 8 p.m. at Kulturalast Wedding International in Berlin/Wedding

Part 2
.” Being in art, personally conceived. Responsibility.” In
art you can only do what you can’t. (RT) Mr President, I would like to thank

on Sunday 22 April 2012 at 8 p.m. at Galerie Crystal Ball in Berlin/KreuzbergIn both p
arts of the lecture, pictures from the art project Akademie Galan in southwest France will be shown.

Rolf Thiele

Art Professor at the University of arts Bremen. Lives and works for 15 years in France in the art project Akademie Galan

Michaele Howler – Nylon Superstructure

Opening of the exhibition on Fri. 9. March 2012 at 8 p.m.
to Thu. 5.  April 2012

Nylon Architecture, Michaele Howler

The artist Michaele Brüll works with nylon stockings. She mainly uses the top part of the stretchable pants to create images, objects and installations. She can always draw inspiration from an always renewable fashion of various colours, shapes and textures. The results have a versatile aesthetic. Each image, as well as compiled objects and canvases, that she covered with nylon approach a sensitive picturesque position as well as an abstract conceptual progression. In her exhibition in the Crystal Ball gallery Michaele takes on a  structuralistic approach, which maintains throughout a sequence of repeated  forms a wonderfully ironic architectural character. Stocking after stocking, a rhythmic fabric finds itself by citation in a great shape construction. The artist laces and copies them in such way using the arcs that are formed so as to create an bridge inside the gallery. This opens up a variety of interpretations and associations, which derive from the installation´s narrative form, between the corporeal and a cinematic urban ambience. The setting will be specially illuminated during the night, making it visible from the gallery´s window. The space is accessible at our opening times and features further works by the artist as well.

Florian Pauly – Neuro und die Erleuchtungsdroschke / Filmabend

Film evening on Fri. 2. March at 7 p.m.

Florian Pauly If I turn 30, then! Gallery Crystal Ball Berlin
If I turn thirty, then!, Flowrian Pauly

In rememberance of the 2011 deceased artist and friend Florian Pauly, alias Flowrian we show a documentation video of his 2008 correspondent performance realized at the gallery Crystal Ball. The next day there will be an opening of a retrospective exhibition of Florian´s work at the gallery R 31 at Reuterstraße in Berlin – Neukölln (Sat. 3rd of March, 7 p.m.)

Crystal Ball – Lagerverkauf

Until the beginning of March 2012, the gallery will be showing a wide range of works, works and multiples of its artists from their collections and the Bouique at discounted prices! Be sure to watch!
7.2.2012 to 1.3.2012

Stock sale Gallery Crystal Ball Berlin
Stock sale at The Crystal Ball Gallery

Weihnachten mit den Beatles

Opening with performance on 16.12.2011 at 8 p.m.
Exhibition until January 6, 2012

White Christmas with the Beatles
White Christmas with the Beatles, Manfred Kirschner

A group exhibition with works by Nora Below, Marion Bösen, Elke Graalfs, Manfred Kirschner, Astrid Küver, Andreas Kotulla, Jörg Lange, Frank Schoppmeier, Veronika Schumacher, Line Wasner, Sabine Wewer, Ole Wulfers and others

The war of apples is over. Last year, Apple Records, the Beatles’ record company, and Apple Inc. finally agreed to the computer giant.  Apple Inc. at the time did not promise to distribute any music or artistic content under this company name.  But the changes the big apple designed became more extensive than was thought then. The regulation and its constant break now supported the unique gap and phenomenon, even in times of general retrieval and access: The Beatles and their music were not yet to be found on I-Tunes. Now
that this void has been filled peacefully, we are pleased to present artistic works on the Beatles at the Crystal Ball Gallery for the first time and especially at Christmas.

Pension Berlin – Eröffnung

Pension Berlin, Tel: 0176 – 78518421
Opening Sat. 10. Dez. 2011

Opening Pension Berlin Frank Schoppmeier
Pension Berlin, Frank Schoppmeier

Frank Schoppmeier worked at Pension Berlin this year. On Saturday, the 10th December we celebrate the official opening of the guesthouse with two exhibitions: the picture shop by Annette Stemmann and Discosee by Manfred Kirschner. The wonderful Miss Laura Bean plays an exclusive swing set on this occasion!

Ioana Alexe – Untitled

Opening of the exhibition on Fri. 14th. October at 8 p.m.
14.10. – 26.11.2011

Ioana Alexe Untitled Video Gallery Crystal Ball Berlin
Untitled Video, Ionana Alexe

In her work Ioana Alexe reproduces in various ways pictures, icons and objects of the art world. The mediated appearance and manner of transfer convey the intentions of the artist. In her video work “Untitled” Ioana Alexe puts back painting to its time-based context of creation. As such she reproduces one of Gerhard Richter’s famous candle series cinematically and traces in a “Performance of an Image” the burning candle for 7 hours and 39 minutes. Essentially, it is not so much the mere reset of the iconography of the imagery, but its deviation in the display of lost images, represented by recorded moments of the slowly burning and expiring candle. With the activated relation between a recollected well known image to its cover version, a “fictional” unspectacular documentary, interpretation amplifies about personal impressions using the pretended dissolution of the quotation.

In the semidarkness of the exhibition Ioana Alexe shows in connected installations a table with books. Volumes out of wood in different sizes are the basis for reproduced and hard covers. Sensitively painted dummies: Art books and anthologies operate here as doubles whose viewing expresses concealment. In a denial of the object in which also a personal language is preferred instead of a precise copying, the subject is art itself and its displaced signification. The artist works with both complex and deficit strategies of transmitting images into a new vision. With smooth adjustments Ioana Alexe shows that there are several options for interpretation that are relevant for its proposition. The impact is a wide perspective which articulates the subjective and doesn’t exclude it in its appreciation.

Crystal Ball Berlin