Galerie Crystal Ball

Max Müller – An und für Sich Wertlos

Opening of the exhibition Fri. 17 April, 8 p.m.
Exhibition duration: 18. 04. -22. 05. 2009
Finissage: 22. 5a., 8 p.m.

Woman with weapon, Max Müller, drawing

Max Müller was born in 1963 in Wolfsburg, and is an author, musician and draughtsman. The subjects of his handmade drawings include portraits, popular and socially critically scenes; reproductions of magazines and newspapers. Compared to the sources of the images, Müllers works develop a difference through their proportional and structural deviation of his drawing gesture and the commentary titles. The colour- pencil and ball point pen worked sheets swing between the poles of describable reality and its relative aspect. Together the pictures and the text develop a relevant relationship. They work as a supporting polarized couple. Parts of the image are distorted, other parts are merely suggested. In this way the title commentary, omissions, and emphasis structure the reception of the picture. It creates an enigmatic trace of the conscious use of information. Max Müller is working in this slightly in between space, the discovered contradiction, an inexplicit covering which shows up gaps of interpretation, missing information or its overload, and their own apprehension that approaches the truth. Besides various band- and solo projects Max Müller has since 1986 been the songwriter and singer of the still active band “Mutter”. Actually he shows with his solo album: „Die Nostalgie ist auch nicht mehr das, was sie einmal war” brilliance in text and music.

Aylin Kayser & Christian Metzner – Ikarus

07. 04. – 10. 04. 2009
Finissage: Reading by Svealena Kutschke
Other opening hours: 7. up to 10. April: 8 p.m. – midnight

Ikarus wax lamp, Aylin Kayer/ Christian Metzner

Aylin Kayser and Christian Metzner are the designers of the Lamp Ikarus, which has already won several design awards, such as design contest 2008, in Imm. Most recently, IKARUS was introduced to a wider public in November 2008 with the support of the Crystal Ball gallery, in the TELEVISION magazine “Chic”. The concept of Icarus goes beyond form and a purely pramatic function. Through his mediation of content, as well as his thus conceived, built-in defunctionalization, Ikarus consciously enters the field of the visual arts.

Icarus consists of 90% paraffin, which is stabilized by an internal stainless steel construction and steel wire ropes. The bulb inside the lamp develops heat and melts the wax sleeve. The lampshade is subject to constant deformation, which runs differently with each model and makes it unique. The wax eventually drips off and creates a new sculpture. The melting in the deformation process depends on the operating time and the ambient temperature.

According to the artist, Icarus is intended to stimulate the viewer in a poetic and metaphorical way to deal with his own interaction and consumption of energy. The wax lamp Ikarus demonstrates the short-livedness of today’s product world and ultimately destroys itself in its function. With the acquisition of IKARUS, one obtains not only a design object, but also a process that, due to its transformative representation, represents an exciting and contemplative live performance.

The Crystal Ball Gallery shows IKARUS in its transformation on 7 May. until 10. April 2009

IKARUS wax lamp Arte CHIC

Svealena Kutschke – Etwas Kleines Gut Versiegeln

Features / Reading on Fri. 10. April at 22 Uhr
In collaboration with Wallstein Verlag

Svealena Kutschke: Etwas Kleines Gut Versiegeln

“A debut of extraordinary linguistic power and worldliness, which tells of people who seek their happiness beyond the usual traces.

Is life a strange cave system?, Lisa wonders as she breaks off her photography studies, climbs onto a bridge arch and throws the camera onto the railway tracks. Australia is just far enough for her. She goes to Sydney, where she lives with Marc, her brother’s caring ex-boyfriend. There she throws herself between the dazzling night figures on Oxford Street and fixes the sinking sun like an enemy every evening: whoever goes down first has lost. But in her bag are still 6 film cans with pictures of B in a crumpled dress over her hairy legs and with lipstick on her crooked teeth.

As if that weren’t enough, she finds a single photo on the street, in which she can be seen in an environment completely unknown to her. She sets out in search of this place, always accompanied by the ironic-philosophical catalogue of questions of the artist duo Fischli & Weiss.

So she hangs herself through oddities of her everyday life, lustfully designs explanations, amazes that everything always comes differently than thought. Is my lie a masterpiece of innovation and statics? Lisa lets herself get involved in a strange game. The boundaries of the real are blurring, and the polarities of gender determination anyway.”

Françoise Cactus – Häkeldiven und Starletten

20. 02. – 03. 04. 2009

Amy Wollmaus, Francoise Cactus

Françoise Cactus is a drummer and singer in the band Stereo Total. She also writes books, draws, paints and crochets. The unpretentious style of Françoise Cactus’ artistic work has an unmistakable charm. Her artistic works are first and foremost simple and cool.

She also draws, paints and chrochets. Her artistic works have an unpretentious distinctive style that is in both ways charming and cool. Because of this, the oeuvre of Françoise Cactus has an esprit who defies the conformist strategies of image in the art business. Françoise Cactus for example once presented her drawings in a well known TV magazine to the viewer from a Kreuzberg park bench. Her cardigan object “Wollita”, a 1,67 cm crocheted doll caused a press scandal at the exhibition „When Love Turns To Poison.” The story about can be read in the book: „Wollita – Vom Wollknäuel zum Superstar” published 2004 at Martin Schmitz, Berlin. In the exhibition Häkeldiven & Starletten” at gallery Crystal Ball Berlin Françoise Cactus shows the friends of Wollita. The three- dimensional portraits of Amy Wollmaus, Kratz Jones, Nina Häkel and Debbie Hairy. In her paintings and the freely worked gouache and marker drawings the artist describes the glamour and the darkly longings of stars. The dream of extravagance, fame and jet set lifestyle exchanges with Hollywood film excerpts, these are the subjects of the also reduced cool but humorous portraits and drawings of the artist. Nancy & Sid, the Peaches, Britney Spears and other stars are in the row of visitors who appear in Françoises´ lounge universe.

For the opening of the show at Crystal Ball the Françoise Cactus will do a performance. Also a limited edition postcard series of the new friends of Wollita will be released.

Henrik Jacob – Hall Of Fame

16. 01. – 13. 02. 2009
Exhibition opening with performance by the artist

Hall Of Fame, Henrik Jacob

Henrik Jacob is showing an installation at gallery Crystal Ball which in a charming way plays with the perspectives of the exhibition itself. You could assume Henrik Jacob cuts the recipients view wittingly in halves. Since often perception is limited, Jacob offers half in his setting as well. Henrik Jakobs installations irritate in a light and humorous way our will of interpretation of art works and the connected myth. Furthermore the artist presents a selection of his well known plasticine pictures. The modelling ductile material opens and transcends the artist’s mode. It`s becoming an agent in subverting monumental artists gestures. Finger and nailprints of the galerists, curators and buyers leave marks on his work and constantly change it. The exhibition is accompanied by fortune telling from the artist’s hands about the success of the presentation.

The Crystal Ball Ball

29. 11 – 31. 12. 2008
Friends/ artists of the gallery
Within the exhibition time there is the “Salon Arbiträr” with DJ Catastrophe every Friday from 8 pm

Zoe Thorne: Becks Gold

The third group exhibition of Crystal Ball associate artists of the program with good friends and companions of the gallery for a big versatile presentation of art works. The exhibition should help to secure the gallery work in the future. Parallel to this the “Circle of Friends Kristallkugel” is launched under the protectorate of Svea Lena Kutschke. I want to thank the artist who participate or donate their works for this presentation and all of the debut members of the Circle of friends Kristallkugel!

Participating artists are: Julia Baier, Norbert Bauer, Thomas Behling, Matthias Bösche, Marion Bösen, Francoise Cactus, Alexander Callsen, Stefan Demming, Marcia Farquhar, Anja Fußbach, Elke Graalfs, Marco Goldenstein, Christian Haake, Mareike Hube, Juwelia, Aylin Kayser, Andreas Kotulla, Ins A Kromminga, Max Müller, Wolfgang Müller, Astrid Küver, Jonathan Kroll, Monika Müller Kroll, Henrik Jacob, Michael Jungblut, Lydia Karstadt, Martin Löhr, Stu Mead, Kay Michalak, J. Maizlish Mole, Sugár Meliton, Flowrian Pauly,  Hannes Niepold, Veronika Schumacher, Alexander Steffens, Annette Stemmann, Zoe Thorne, Silke Thoss, Bob Tooke, Heike Walter, Barbara Wagner, Daniela Weber, Sabine Wewer, Ming Wong und weitere

Juwelia – Putzi Dreams

10. – 21. 11. 2008
Vernissage with Performance
Further performances: 24th, 31st, 10.
and the 7th, 14th, 11-21st.
Finissage with Performance

Juwelia, photo: Annette Frick

Die bekannte Berliner Travestie und Performance Künstlerin Juwelia wird im Oktober/November zu Gast in der Galerie Crystal Ball sein. Die Ausstellung zeigt einen Überblick der aktuellen Strategien der Künstlerin. Malerei, Performance und Installation bilden über ein liebevoll gestaltetes Ambiente das Meublement einer leuchtenden Gegenwelt voller Blumenbouqets, Torten, Schoßhündchen und Selbstinszenierungen. Eine urbane Insel der gescheiterten und erfüllten Liebesgeschichten materialisiert sich. Juwelias feinsinnige Spitzen menschlicher Erfahrung blitzen dabei kontrastierend in ihrem bewusst trashigen Diseusen Vortrag umso stärker hervor.

Zur Eröffnung und an weiteren Terminen am Freitag wird Juwelia Auszüge aus ihrem aktuellen Performance Programm in der “Kristallkugel” darbieten.

Magnús Pálsson – Dreams

9. – 18.10.2008
Opening with welcome by the Icelandic Ambassador, His Excellency Olafur Davidsson, Performance: Magnús Pálsson, Rod Summers and Tom Winter

Magnús Pálsson: Jón, Foto Þóra Siguròardóttir

Magnús Pálsson is regarded as an old master of intermedia art. In the early 80ths he was one of the first artists to look for contacts with the emerging icelandic experimental punk scene, and he has made connections to theatre, radio play and film. Together with Dieter Roth, Magnús Pálsson founded The Living Art Museum in Reykjavík. Inspired by the Fluxus art movement, it offered an alternative to the classic art museum. Magnús Pálsson exhibited at Documenta VI in Kassel in 1977, and represented Iceland at the Venice Biennale in 1980. His art is an art of the invisible; which occupies the imperceptible interstices between objects. His sculptures give form to the empty spaces using plasticized molds.

This presentation at Galerie Crystal Ball is Magnús Pálssons’ first solo exhibition in Berlin. Having made audio recordings of the spoken dreams of various people, Pálssons then swaps, cuts, pastes, and otherwise interferes with the dreams to build a multilayered structure. Such compression, interference and dissolving of our nightly visions reflects the very way we remember dreams: their discontinuity and fleetingness. Upon waking, our nightly adventures are re-configured: fragments that are not chronologically defined are suddenly strung together. Associations and wakeful rationality takes over – suspicions vanish; new characters appear.tbar.

Magnús Pálsson, Rod Summers and Tom Winter will present a performance, also entitled “Dreams” for the exhibition opening. The documentation of “Dreams” is availible on The exhibition is supported by the Icelandic Embassy and the Walther von Goethe Foundation.

Flowrian Pauly – Neuro und die Erleuchtungsdroschke

23. 08. – 06. 09. 2008
Opening of the exhibition with performance,
meeting point for the performance at 9 pm, at the Admiralbrücke, Berlin Kreuzberg.

Die Erleuchtungsdroschke, Flowrian Pauly

The art work of Flowrian Pauly often develops in contexts of cooperation projects. In his first exhibition at Crystal Ball gallery Flowrian shows now two single projects installations which invite the recipient into an active role. The opening performance „Erleuchtungsdroschke“ playing with the context of pilgrimage and procession, negotiates with the idea of personal expectations of religious myths and icons. The affectionately builded construction of the hackney stays in contrast to the structure of a sarcastic ritual action. The participant is left with questions: Did you follow the pied piper? Is the artist saviour or demagogue of apparently innovative statements? Where does the art context go to?
Flowrians second work: The Neuro installation creates a growing production of an art- value system. The Neuro banknotes as a romantic alternative draft stands up against the monetary measure of value. By exchange and infiltration into the Neuro banknote system we are able to transform and re- humanise the assessments. Both works draw up a form of positive privatisation, an optional partake and responsibility of our own free and idiosyncratic action in superior systems and disclose the estimation and significance of it.

Astrid Küver – AK Bildausschnitte

08. 08. – 21. 08. 2008

AK Bildausschnitte, Astrid Küver

Astrid Küvers AK Bildausschnitte, a multiple work in progress has developed parallel to her other work in order to secure her economic working situation. The pieces are knitted out of wool and streched on wooden frames ironically refer to historical art experiences and results in different ways. The obvious comparision with the experimental works on canvas of the sculptor Fontana, where the surfaces were cut and opened up to the three- dimensionality is reminiscent as a direct hint. In contrast to the sculptural gesture of her famous male colleague, wich opened the 2 dimensional pictoral space with a reductive destruction, Küvers works have this transcendence already in her construction plan.

The opened space is contained in the creation and the knitting plan of the AK Bildauschnitt. The passages themselves look like physically usabale motives and sometimes have aspects of penetration. The banal material, the use of common pullover patterns and cuffs are pointing against the male artistic gesture and attitude, wich is searching for fame and exploration. Apart from this Astrid Küvers objects are working even more relevant on the classification and revaluation of actual aesthetic experience.

Crystal Ball Berlin