Galerie Crystal Ball

Bicicletta Disko Service

Bicicletta Disko Service, climate neutral dancing in the gallery Crystal Ball, 2019

On August 17th in the Crystal Ball debuts a new disco invention, which recently celebrated a preview in the Eloi & Morlock performance by Manfred Kirschner and Oliver Voigt.

Eloi & Morlock, Manfred Kirschner/ Olive Voigt, Performance 48h Neukölln

From 7 p.m. Lydia Karstadt invites you to the summer party and climate-neutral dancing with the Bicicletta Disco Service, the world novelty in the disco business. One person rides a bike and the others can listen to music and dance. The inventors, the Ersatzschrankorchester from Berlin Frohnau, are happy about numerous disc jockeys and dancing audience at this art event!

In the meantime our Bicicletta Disco Service has been booked for many events and functions. For example 2019 in the music video for “Ohne Musik” by Stereo Total

Keine Musik mehr…
Bicicletta Disko Service in “Ohne Musik”, Stereo Total, music video, 2019

Fuck Your Selfie! #5 – Portraitsalon

You are invited!
From 29 May to 2 June 2019, from 2 p.m. to 19 p.m.

Now – the legendary Portraitsalon Festival for the 5th time !
Berlin artists portray you in poetry, painting, drawing, object, singing, dance and performance!

Fuck Your Selfie Numero Cinque, Lydia Karstadt, 2019

With: Jim Avignon, Herve Cabin, Francoise Cactus, Betty Diggler, Gina Dorio, Natascha Frioud, Gabi Garland, Maike Hartwig, Mareike Hube, Carola Humbodt, Elke Graalfs, Miriam Licia Jadischke, Lydia Karstadt, Manfred Kirschner, Andreas Kotulla, Eike Lauen, Rudi Paris, Caren Sielaff, Gabriele Regiert, Rias, Veronika Schumacher, Berit Schneider, Heike Walter, Oliver Voigt, Gisela Wrede und weiteren!

It is perhaps absurd to assume that a classical portrait situation, in which a model, in this case the visitor, enters into a direct relationship with an artist, is so special that it ennobles her to art. In our time, however, which is also marked by populism, the proliferation of unchecked subjectivities and an annoying over-individualism, the classical, lifelike conversation, the communicative act of interpersonal perception, reflection and depiction declares itself to be avant-garde. On five consecutive days, the artists present, the visitors to the gallery, will portray the artists. The communicative working atmosphere is accompanied by performances and musical contributions, while a new portrait exhibition grows. Participation in this exhibition is still open during the festival. We are looking forward to the fifth edition of the Salon!

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Café Tasse

Opening: 24.04.2018 from 3 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Café Tasse c/o Crystal Ball

It’s that time again! As Lydia Karstadt, who has curated Crystal Ball since 2016, recently remarked, “Fuck the White Cube!”
The art center Crystal Ball is transforming itself again and again into a café? But why? Because Crystal Ball has something that other cafés don’t have! Real, real, old cups that you can take away as a “to go” and gentrification-free coffee! There are performances by Caren Sielaff, Lydia, Rias, the soundtrack by DJ Catastrophé and Steffi on the floor and at the coffee machine. There are also pictures on the walls. One could almost think there is a concept behind it.

Our temporary “Star Up Company” runs for one afternoon until the evening. If you want, bring a cake to the disco. The exhibition shows first results of the Collage-Garage Workshop as well as works by: Caren Sielaff, Mini Mo, Carola Humboldt, Tamara Trölsch and Natascha Frioud.

Crystal Ball Supermarché

Artists of the galleries opening up a supermarket

Fashion Video, Collage, Papier auf Leinwand, Manfred Kirschner
Fashion Video, Collage, Papier auf Leinwand, Manfred Kirschner

Opening on Sa. 1 December 2018 at 7 p.m. with a performance by Evita Emersleben

with: Jim Avignon, Thomas Behling, Marion Bösen, Evita Emersleben, Natascha Frioud, Gabi Garland, Elke Graalfs, Maike Hartwig, Mareike Hube, Henrik Jacob, Lydia Karstadt, Line Karlstrom, Andreas Kotulla, Ilse Orinska, Gabriele Regiert, Stefan Ruf, Berit Schneider, Frank Schoppmeier, Veronika Schumacher, Annette Stemmann, Silke Thoss, Tamara Trölsch, Line Wasner, Oliver Voigt, Gisela Wrede and others

Crystal Ball Supermarché

“The miracle of shopping is possible every day!” – Lydia Karstadt
Another supermarket! Every street corner needs a supermarket. In Berlin the newest shopping mall at the Eastside Gallery has just opened. The 69th shopping mall in Berlin alone. After the repaired remains of the wall, you might feel like buying a new sweater.

In our carefree scout, a world with retrograde amnesia, everything is always available and for sale. This world knows no problems or shortages. Here you don’t need gardens, talent or knowledge, because it becomes a personal drone-scourge. In this world there is no climate change, no diversity, no extinction of species, no otherness. Everyone wants the same thing voluntarily. A privileged world that ends with us, because it is no longer about leaving something behind. To what extent can we even move out of this trauma? Is there the possibility of conversion? Or is this just a pronounced cultural pessimism?

Ciaccios Olivenöl from Menfi in the supermarché

In the Crystal Ball Supermarché, the gallery presents a colourfully growing selection of artistic “products” by artists who represent multidimensional, critical views of art. For example, the artist Evita Emersleben represents the meat and sausage department. With her performative actions of 2017, “Sliced or in the piece”, she shows complete politeness. In contrast to her colleague Banksy, the buyer is politely asked beforehand whether he wants the work in pieces or cut.chte.

Like last year, the wonderful, delicious SUPEROLIVE will be there! With its constantly growing olive oil community, which understands the obvious connection between art and life, culture and nutrition as avant-garde. In the Supermarché you will find many more serial unique pieces and works of art that bear a critical, perspective, self-confident view and open the Winter Salon 2018.

Bei Anruf Hörspiel! – Der Club der Vorleser

ON CALL RADIO PLAY! Der Club der Vorleser!
Call us and we’ll read! Phone: 030 600 52 828
On Sunday, 14 October 2018 from 8 to 11 p.m.

Bei Anruf Hörspiel – Der Club der Vorleser zu Gast in der Galerie Crystal Ball – Dominique Wolf und Manfred Kirschner bei der Arbeit

The Readers’ Club is a guest of the Crystal Ball Gallery.
Our readers include Anthony Arndt / Adrian Zwicker/ Elsa Loy/ Björn von der Wellen/ Doreen Fietz/ Michael Simon de Normier/ Christoph Drobig / Sebastian Anton/ Lydia Karstadt/ Dominique Wolf.

No automats, call waiting loops, telerobots, voicemails, Twitter accounts and answering machines in which we get tangled up. The old wonderful form of communication of reading aloud is celebrated and celebrated by the club!
The Club of Readers has ten active members who come from the fields of acting, music, painting and alternative artistic fields. We are expanding and anyone who feels like reading can become an active member. This time you can also be there live and experience the quiet spectacle or read aloud yourself.
Because in the October edition of the Club of Readers in the Crystal Ball Gallery there will be breaks with intermission music and a singing barman. “Bei Anruf Hörspiel” currently has an active dialable telephone number that can only be called during the evening. We have an extensive potpourri with background music. We read poetry, newspaper reports, blogs, news, posts, firsts and everything that moves us. The present time in a work.

Another essential NOTE:
The number you are calling is available at the regular rate. We don’t make money with it, it is an experiment, an artistic project and a gift to you!

The Club of Readers & Crystal Ball
Dominique Wolf & Lydia Karstadt look forward to your calls and visits!

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alle ente – Manfred Kirschner

Opening on 7 September 2018 at 5 p.m.

Curator Lydia Karstadt doesn’t seem to have returned from the summer of the year yet, but in the Crystal Ball shop window she is showing a Window of Moving Art, one of the latest collage mobiles by artist and exceptional performer Manfred Kirschner, alongside breathtaking handmade works on canvas.

In a recent interview, Kirschner replied to the question of which artist he currently values most: “I am the best artist I know”. You can only say “alle ente”:

Salle d’attente – Natascha Frioud & Gabi Garland

Calling the waiting numbers: The visitors are always careful not to miss their drawn number.

Opening with performance on Sa. June 9, at 7 p.m.
until Sun. July 15, 2018

The gallery space transforms into a waiting room that also reflects the question of what we are actually waiting for or what expectations we have of what is to come. What will be later? In the staging of the space, works of art are presented and information material and refreshments are available, which, as in any other waiting room, could successfully distract from these trains of thought or, in contrast, focus them in a special way. Take your time.

Gabi Garland a salle d´attente Galerie Crystal Ball Berlin
Waiting for my fan, Gabi Garland, Barcelona, 2018

Dans la salle d’attente,on est juste là.
Assis. On ne fait pas grand chose! Il faut juste qu’on soit là.
Quelques fois on regarde le temps qui passe.
C’est un peu long d’ailleurs, de le voir passer.
Mais bon, dans la salle d’attente,
on est là pour qu’ensuite il se passe quelque chose!
Et souvent, ce qu’il se passe après est tout de même un peu décevant.
Parce que finalement, dans la salle d’attente,
on était un peu content, d’avoir enfin tout ce temps.
Natascha Frioud

Natascha Frioud Galerie Crystal Ball Berlin
Warms and makes you young: The oldest clothes in the world, Natascha Frioud, ink on newsprint, 2018

Martin Mindermann – Studium der Zeichen

Vernissage on Sunday, 18 March at 16 o’clock
18.3. – 5.5.2018

Look out! – A selection of Raku vessels will be on display on the weekend of 20 & 21 May from 14 – 19 o’clock at Haus Lohmnitz, Langohrzeile 9 in Berlin. The exhibition there also shows paintings and collages by the artist Elke Graalfs and collages as well as a mobile by Manfred Kirschner

Martin Mindermann Raku Brand Keramik
Martin Mindermann, 2017

The artist Martin Mindermann has been working in ceramics in the area of ​​the Raku fire for three decades. He has already set new standards in artistic technique and expression. In the Raku’s historical technique, the glowing vessels are taken out of the oven, placed in straw or shavings and also moved in the renewed fire. The burned, black, sooty vessels unfold in the purge of soot, their stirring characteristic secrets. The changing temperature boosts cause glaze cracks, the so-called Krakelé. On the one hand, controlled by the artist and natural coincidence underlying technology that works like a language. Crackle, coloring and body play in a changeable aesthetic interaction creating a unique object. The artist often stages volumes and bodies with pictorial surfaces. Here he inserts patterns and striking visual structures in current works. These are contemplative forms or series that he finds and studies in everyday life. He translates floral objects, such as seed pods, figural outlines, reflections, even patterns on car parks or tablecloths, onto the glaze using photography and drawing. They form a complex aesthetic creation that works in the virtuose interaction of the various levels and their setting similar to painting. Moreover, it seems as if the emerging images with the vessel have received their intended body. Martin Mindermann knows how to convey the inherent contemplation of his ideas and studies in a very convincing way. One can hardly escape the intensity and radiant power of his works and, as a viewer, can easily enter a calm, deep vision.

Fuck Your Selfie! #4 – Portraitsalon

FYS Volume # 4 – the wonderful portrait salon with music and performances – from 29 May to 2 June 2018 from 2 to 7 p.m.

Portrait of Samantha, Paper on canvas, 30 x 30 cm, Lydia Karstadt, 2018 

Visit the legendary salon this year, sit and have your unique portrait produced in direct communication with an artist.
Saturday 2 June, Portrait – Party from 20 hrs

Performers: Charlene, Rias Berlin, Goldthroat, Mireille & Matthieu, Lydia Karstadt and other surprises

With: Jim Avignon, Ioana Alexe, Francoise Cactus, Natascha Frioud, Gabi Garland, Maike Hartwig, Mareike Hube, Elke Graalfs, Lydia Karstadt, Manfred Kirschner, Anett Lau, Caren Sielaff, Stu Mead, Mini Mo, Berit Schneider, Gisela Wrede, Caren Sielaff and others


Arielle C. Schuberti – Ich bin Ich

Vernissage with performance, Fr. 8 February 2018 at 8 p.m.

Look out! The exhibition was destroyed and disposed of at the vernissage, in a performance by the artist. Please note the upcoming documentary publication about this: “Ich bin ich – Coming son. You can still purchase a few fragments of the works.

La Tour Eiffel, Installation/ Detail, Arielle C. Schubert, Berlin 2018
La Tour Eiffel, Installation/ Detail, Arielle C. Schuberti, Galerie Crystal Ball Berlin 2018

Arielle Charlotte Schuberti studied Lingiustics, Veterinary Medicine and Art at various international universities for a few semesters at a time because she wanted to optimize her studies more objectively, as she says. This strategy is typical for the artist, whose character works more than her impetus. Her artistic approach is therefore determined by a very high degree of subjectivity and a conscious, naïve egocentricity. The thematic fields; emotion, Paris, relationships and fashion are constantly interwoven in her works. The use of lipstick, glitter and powder is her trademark, an almost piled up, narcissistic expression, which moves to the edge of non-art and ugliness. In doing so, the artist masterfully knows how to overstep the balance, thus exercising a sublime criticism of the star cult and artistic elevation in the art context. On the one hand, the resonance of her work radiates beyond the boundaries of her mere, banal working materials. On the other hand they are pure and unmistakable. With her artistic position she sets a counterpoint and thus successfully moves out of the shadow of her equally polarizing, famous father. In the first exhibition of her works in Berlin, Arielle C. Schubert is also showing installations from last year for the first time.

Arielle Charlotte Schuberti a passé plusieurs semestres à étudier la linguistique, la médecine vétérinaire et l’art dans diverses universités internationales, car elle cherchait à optimiser ses études de manière plus objective, dit-elle. Cette stratégie est typique de l’artiste, dont le personnage travaille plus sur son élan. Son approche artistique est donc déterminée par un très haut degré de subjectivité et ainsi quun égocentrisme conscient et naïf. Les thèmes comme les émotions, Paris, les relations amoureuses et la mode sont les principaux sujets inspirants son travail. L’utilisation de rouge à lèvres, de paillettes et de poudre à farder sont sa marque de fabrique résultant une expression narcissique pure, qui va au-delà du non-art et du laid. L’artiste sait comment transcender avec brio son équilibre et exerce ainsi une critique sublime du culte de la star et du rehaussement artistique dans le contexte de l’art. D’une part, la résonance de son travail dépasse les limites de ses matériaux de travail banal. D’un autre côté, ils sont purs et indéniables. Avec sa position artistique, elle établit un contrepoint et sort avec succès de l’ombre de son célèbre père, tout aussi polarisant. Arielle C. Schuberti présenteras lors de sa première exposition à Berlin des installations crées lors de l’année écoulée. L’exposition “Ich bin Ich” ainsi que la biographie de l’artiste sont des inventions du groupe d’artistes français “Pas de Costmes” qui a quitté Berlin en 2018. Et c’est d’ailleur toute l’absurdité avec « Pas de Costumes » qui jouant sur les ambivalences vont jusqu’à faire croire qu’Arielle aurait supposé la création de ce groupe d’artistes. Le soir du vernissage fera également lieu de tournage.

Trailer: Arielle C. Schubert – Ich bin Ich

The exhibition “Ich bin Ich” including the artist’s biography is an invention of the French artist group “Pas de Costumes” who actually left Berlin in 2018. But exactly this can never be said for “Pas de Costumes”, it could be more about the ambivalence of this state of affairs, since one could again assume that Arielle invented this group of artists.

Crystal Ball Berlin